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Special Interest Sections

The following Special Interest Sections have been developed as a means for members of ACMT to organize the study and discussion of their common functional and/or professional interests. If you are interested in joining one of these Sections, or are interested in starting one of your own, please email us at .

Government Section

Chair: Richard Wang, DO, FACMT - 

The Government Section works to develop and conduct activities that promote medical toxicology in those working in, as well as those interested in government. These activities shall relate to ACMT, that is the American College of Medical Toxicology, and shall fulfill the following objectives: to serve as the forum for members interested in government to interact; to stimulate awareness about government; to identify areas that can benefit from medical toxicology input in the government; to identify areas worthy of further pursuits that might contribute to these ends within the membership; and to act as a resource to the ACMT with reference to the government.

Industry Section

Chair: Liza Halcomb, MD - 

This section works to advise Medical Toxicologists and other interested ACMT members on careers in the biopharmaceutical industry. We are currently in the early stages of developing a Drug Safety Curriculum that will provide the necessary basic training in Drug Development, Regulatory/Safety Science and the interpretation of preclinical and clinical trial data that will facilitate the entry of physicians (and potentially other caregivers) into Drug Safety roles in pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies.   

Legal and Consultative Section

Chair: Charles McKay, MD, FACMT - 

The Legal and Consultative Section will provide a forum for those members interested or involved in medico-legal aspects of toxicology. The section meetings will be used to discuss principles and controversies that accompany the clinical and scientific evaluation of toxicology-related claims and will focus on issues common to the medical-legal review of charts, assessment of literature, written reports, deposition, and trial.

Medication Management Section

Chair: Brenna Farmer, MD - 

This section works to promote appropriate medication use, discusses issues related to ,formulary process and decisions, medication safety, adverse reactions, drug shortages, and pharmacy integration into medical centers (e.g., off-label use, restricted use of pharmaceuticals). This section is responsible for aiding the Position Statements and Guidelines committee in developing and updating relevant position statements..The Section is also working to develop ongoing partnerships with other professional and governmental organizations and individuals involved in pharmacovigilance and clinical pharmacology. 

Military Section

Chair: Shaun Carstairs, MD - 

The ACMT Military section endeavors to connect medical toxicologists working in the various branches of the military (Army, Navy, and Air Force) and to advance the utilization of the unique skill set of medical toxicologists within the military.  Section meetings will aim to promote research collaboration among military medical toxicologists and to discuss toxicology-related issues of direct importance to the conduct of military operations, such as nuclear/biological/chemical weapons training and the use of antivenoms in areas of military operations.

Pediatric Section

Chair: Erica Liebelt, MD - 

The purpose of this section is to provide ACMT members a platform to communicate about common interests to those who have an interest in medical toxicology as it pertains to children. This section will focus on continuing to bridge the gap between pediatrics and medical toxicology including fostering awareness about careers in medical toxicology for those with primary training in pediatrics, creating additional opportunities for those with a joint interest in pediatrics and medical toxicology, and enhancing the awareness of others about our highly specialized members.  The Pediatric section will serve as the forum for members who have a specific interest in the care of children and to identify strategic areas of interest for those with both pediatric and medical toxicology training, In addition interested section members could assist the college on consultation matters pertaining to toxicological issues in children.

Recent Graduate Section

Co-Chairs: Michael Darracq (), Kate Katzung (), and Derrick Lung ()

This section is intended for anyone who has completed a toxicology fellowship in the last 8 years. ACMT members that are just beginning their careers in medical toxicology are encouraged to join the section and meet others at similar stages of their careers. We hope this will lead to an increase in collaboration between colleagues in future endeavors, as well as provide an opportunity to meet new people that you will see at future meetings.