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Educator Resources

CSI Tox (Case Series in Toxicology)

   Check out our two most recent ACMT CSI-Tox Cases: 
   Clonidine Case (March 2017)
   Lead Case (March 2017)


CSI Tox Case 1

 CSI Tox Case: Clonidine posted on 4:37 PM, August 21, 2017
 1. What is your differential for patients presenting with bradycardia and hypotension? posted on 2:29 PM, August 21, 2017
 2. List the drugs that classically cause sedation with miosis? posted on 2:27 PM, August 21, 2017
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Learning Plan for Medical Student Clerkship

Medical Student Learning Plan Introduction
PEHSU Toxicology Rotation Curriculum (Clerkship Director's Guide)

PEHSU National Classroom
Environmental Medicine Online Modules courtesy of the PEHSU National Classroom.

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