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ToxIC Data

ToxIC data is collected on the collection forms on-line via a password-protected database maintained by ACMT. All ToxIC Registry participants have access to this data through an advanced search function. The primary purpose of this upper level data is to generate hypotheses for more detailed observational or clinical studies, as well as to identify cases that fit specific study inclusion criteria for other retrospective and prospective studies. In addition, this upper level data describes current medical toxicology practice for use in educational, clinical training and curriculum development.

ToxIC Sites

ToxIC Registry participation is voluntary on the part of participating clinical sites. Although these sites vary substantially in the number of medical toxicologists, number of clinical facilities, total patient population and case load, all agree to enter de-identified case information for any patient seen by a medical toxicologist at the bedside. The table below lists the current active sites which range from institutional groups with a single site and/or medical toxicologists to groups with multiple medical toxicologists seeing patients across multiple clinical facilities. In addition, several ToxIC sites also maintain an active Fellowship program in Medical Toxicology.  

Current Active Sites (Last Update November 5, 2015)

  Active ToxIC Sites Primary Contact Email
1 Albuquerque Steven Seifert
2 Atlanta Ziad Kazzi
3 Boston Michele Burns
4 Boston - Beth Israel Michael Ganetsky
5 Bronx -                    St Barnabas Howard Greller
6 Charlotte Michael Beuhler
7 Charlottesville Joshua D. King
8 Chicago Steve Aks
9 Dallas Kurt Kleinschmidt, Paul Wax,
10 Denver Jeffrey Brent
11 Evanston Jerrold Leikin
12 Fresno Rais Vohra
13 Grand Rapids Bryan Judge; Brad Riley,
14 Greenville William J. Meggs
15 Haifa Didi Bentur
16 Harrisburg Phillip W. Moore, Pramil Cheriyath,
17 Hartford Mark Neavyn
18 Houston Spencer Greene
19 Indianapolis Daniel Rusyniak
20 Kansas City Jennifer Lowry, Adam Algren, Mike Christian,,
21  Lehigh Valley Robert D. Cannon, Kalif A. Kendig
22 Loma Linda Tammy Phan
23 Los Angeles - USC Michael Levine
24 Manhasset Josh Nogar
25 Milwaukee Mark Kostic, David Gummin, Amy Zosel,
26 Morristown Diane Calello, Oliver Hung, Richard Shih, Alex Troncoso,,,,
27 Mount Sinai Stephanie Hernandez
28 New Brunswick AJ Geib
29 NJMS (New Jersey) Steven Marcus
30 NYU Silas Smith
31 Omaha Ronald Kirschner
32 Oregon Robert Hendrickson, Nathaniel McKeown,
33 Philadelphia David Vearrier, Rita McKeever,
34 Phoenix Michelle Ruha
35 Pittsburgh Anthony Pizon
36 Richmond Brandon Wills, Kirk Cumpston,
37 Rochester Timothy Wiegand
38 Salt Lake City E. Martin Caravati
39 San Antonio Joseph Maddry, Daniel Sessions,
40 San Diego (UCSD) Alicia Minns
41 San Francisco Derrick Lung, Craig Smollin,
42 Saudi Arabia Mohammed Alhelail
43 St. Louis Thomas Kibby, Evan Schwarz,
44 St. Paul Samuel Stellpflug, Kristin Engebretsen,
45 Staten Island Nima Majlesi
46 Syracuse Ross Sullivan
47 Toronto Yaron Finkelstiein
48 Worcester Jennifer Carey