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Advancing the quality care of poisoned patients and populations; and advocating for the specialty of medical toxicology. 



Every potentially poisoned patient or population will have direct access to the expertise of a board-certified medical toxicologist.


GOAL 1: Advance Optimal Care of Poisoned Patients

Objective 1.1: Strengthen the quality and broaden the scope of medical toxicology research

Objective 1.2: Improve the quality of bedside diagnosis and care of poisoned patients

Objective 1.3: Increase public access to board certified medical toxicologists  


GOAL 2: To Increase The Number Of Practicing Board-Certified Medical Toxicologists

Objective 2.1: Promote financially viable careers for medical toxicologists

Objective 2.2: Increase student and resident awareness of medical toxicology as a specialty


GOAL 3: To Enhance The Awareness And Recognition Of Medical Toxicology As A Distinct Medical Specialty

Objective 3.1: Increase visibility of ACMT and its members to the public, government and industry

Objective 3.2: Increase visibility of ACMT and its members to healthcare systems, medical organizations, scientific organizations, and professionals with an interest in medical toxicology

Objective 3.3: Develop meaningful relationships with other organizations

Objective 3.4: Select and develop future leaders in ACMT


GOAL 4: To Be The Pre-Eminent Education Resource For All Issues Related To Human Poisoning

Objective 4.1: Provide robust educational offerings including novel delivery methods

Objective 4.2: Expand the audience for ACMT Educational Programs

Objective 4.3: Maximize ACMT impact on fellowship training


GOAL 5: Provide the infrastructure to support the activities of ACMT

Objective 5.1: Develop internal structures to optimize all activities of ACMT

Objective 5.2: Increase revenue to support non-funded activities and member benefits

Objective 5.3: Increase support provided to member-led activities

Objective 5.4: Support communications within ACMT, its members, and external partners