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The Changing Faces of Antidotes
March 15-17, 2013 
San Juan, Puerto Rico

ACMT is excited to introduce a new, expanded conference format in response to overwhelming feedback from members to include original research in our annual didactic gathering. The newly renamed ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting is designed to strengthen our ongoing efforts to advance the science and practice of medical toxicology. While we plan to continue to provide an outstanding interactive opportunity for the exchange of ideas, the addition of cutting-edge research will further raise the level of discourse.

The treatment of toxic exposures is a continually evolving process and many factors serve as impetus for change: identification of new potential poisons, arrival of new therapies at the bedside, discovery of more effective treatments, adoption of patient-tailored treatment strategies, emphasis on drug safety, fluctuating drug shortages, and redefining the indications for existing antidotes. The 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting explores the changing landscape of the treatment of these and other clinical challenges.   

The theme of the conference, “Changing Faces of Antidotes,” also provides the ideal opportunity to expand the meeting program to include original research. Original research is a key driver that stimulates change and advancement in therapy. ACMT is very excited to include cutting-edge research regarding all aspects of toxicological care. Click here to see the accepted abstracts to be presented at this conference. 

2013 Annual Scientific Meeting objectives:AbstractSidebar

  • Advanced level discussions of antidotes and associated therapy
  • Explain how clinical practice is changed by advances in antidotal therapy
  • Describe changes in administration of current antidotes
  • Discuss the ethical and regulatory issues that arise when developing novel antidotes
  • Discuss the potential role of the federal government to support the study and use of antidotes 

2013 Annual Scientific Meeting features:

  • Daily original research platform sessions 
  • Poster session with cutting edge research 
  • Small group breakout workshops 
  • Multi-track professional development sessions 
  • Enhanced fellow-in-training activities 

Planning Committee

William R. Kerns, MD, FACMT, 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting Chair
Suzanne Doyon, MD, FACMT, 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting Co-Chair
Lewis S. Nelson, MD, FACMT, President, ACMT
Michelle Burns Ewald, MD, FACMT, Chair, ACMT, Education Committee
Louise W. Kao, MD, FACMT, 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting Chair
Paul M. Wax, MD, FACMT, Executive Director, ACMT