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Grant Writing and Fellow-In-Training Research Forum Webinar

Presented: Thursday, November 12, 2015

Audience and Objectives:

This webinar is geared to provide Fellows-in-Training and interested residents with the opporutunity to:
  • Learn grant writing pearls
  • Present preliminary research ideas for constructive criticism in preparation for application to the 2016 $10,000 EMF-MTF Toxicology Research Award.
  • Public speaking experience
  • Constructive critique of research ideas and methodology
  • Exposure to creative research processes
  • Networking among peers and prospective employers
  • Presentation is a justifiable addition to an academic curriculum vitae

Presented By:

Russ Kerns, MD, FACMT, Chair, ACMT Research Committee; Vik Bebarta, MD, FACMT; Bryan Corbett, MD, FIT Research Presenter 


Aaron Skolnik, MD; Frank Lovecchio, DO


The webinar includes a 30 minute didactic session by Dr. Bebarta that covers pitfalls and pearls for constructing a successful EMF-MTF grant application and a 30 minute FIT Research Forum. The Research Forum is formatted in a similar fashion to the FIT Research Forum held annually at the ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting. 

Dr. Corbett's presentation was made to a panel of medical toxicology faculty in an environment geared towards constructive feedback. Following the 10 minute FIT abstract presentation, 10 minutes were allotted for the panelists to provide insight that could strengthen the proposed research project and subsequent grant application. 

Fellows-in-Training and interested residents are highly encouraged to apply for the 2016 EMF-MTF Toxicology Research Award. This grant is co-sponsored by the Emergency Medicine Foundation and the Medical Toxicology Foundation and is intended to promote an initial research endeavor in toxicology. The research may be of any format including basic science, clinical, or utilizing the Toxic Investigator’s Consortium (ToxIC). Following the 2014-2015 award cycle, the grant was increased in value from $5,000 to the current amount of $10,000. The application deadline will be released end of October (typically Jan-Feb of the award year).

Click here to view prior awardees. 

Webinar Recording