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The following is a list of abstracts accepted for the 2017 ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This list only identifies the first author for each abstract. More information, including PDFs of the posters, is available to conference registrants on the event app and the online syllabus.





Matthew Griswold A Novel Oral Fluid Assay for the Detection of Fentanyl after Suspected Heroin Overdose Abstract
002 David Jang Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Patients with Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Abstract
003 Kurt Kleinschmidt Acute Adverse Events Associated With The Administration of FabAV Within The North American Snakebite Registry Abstract
004 Anne-Michelle Ruha The Epidemiologic and Clinical Characteristics of Snakebites in the North American Snakebite Registry Abstract
005 Randy Cheung Prognostic Utility of Initial Lactate for ED Drug Overdose Fatality: A Validation Cohort Abstract
006 Nathan Menke Utilizing a Machine Based Learning Algorithm to Predict Mortality in Acetaminophen Overdose Abstract
007 N George Carbon Monoxide Concentrations Induced by Cigarette Smoking Outdoors in Typical Smokers Abstract
008 Timothy Weigand Toxicology Consultation -- Successful Reimbursement for Telemedicine Services Abstract
009 Brandon Presley Pseudoephedrine to Methamphetamine: Comparison of Percent Conversion between Abuse-Deterrent and Non Abuse-Deterrent Formulations Abstract
010 Ashish Bhalla Role of Lipid Emulsion in Management of Organophosphate Compound Poisoning Abstract
011 Payal Sud A New Drug Epidemic: Emergency Department Visits for Synthetic Ccannabinoid (SC) Intoxication with Laboratory Analysis of SC Samples Abstract
012 Tony Rianprakaisang Citalopram Ingestions: a Two-Year Retrospective Study of the Toxicology Investigators Consortium Abstract
013 Elizabeth Moore Acute Nicotine Toxicity Following Dermal Exposure to E-cigarette Liquid Abstract
014 Abby Montague A Toddler’s Toxic Taste: Bradycardia after Brushing with Brimonidine Abstract
015 Maryann Mazer-Amirshahi Characterization of Suspected Synthetic Cannabinoid Intoxications in Washington, DC Abstract
016 Maryann Mazer-Amerishahi Analysis of Look-Alike/Sound-Alike Medication Errors Involving Opioid Analgesics Abstract
017 Ryan Marino Varying Contribution of Ethanol to Serum Osmolality in Acute Intoxication Abstract
018 Brian Marcks The Usefulness of Leukocytosis in Identifying Infections in the Overdose Patient Abstract
019 Eric Malone A Case of Adult Lead Toxicity in Southeast Michigan: It’s Not Just the Water in Flint Abstract 
020 Eric Malone An Assessment of the Diagnostic Utility of Pediatric Methanol and Ethylene Glycol Levels (Why is it Always a Gatorade® bottle?) Abstract
021 Eric Malone Drug-Induced Liver Injury: It's Not All Acetaminophen Abstract 
022 Eric Malone Severe Thallium Toxicity Treated Successfully with Prussian Blue and CVVH Abstract 
023 Eric Malone West African Bush Viper (Atheris chlorechis) Coagulopathy Treated Cuccessfully with Polyvalent Antivenom Abstract 
024 Hannah Malashock Neurotoxicity and Wound Infection Following Monocled Cobra Envenomation in the US Abstract
025 Alicia Lydecker A Comparison of Drug-Related and Other Cause Compartment Syndrome Abstract
026 Jennifer Love Assessment of Emergency Medicine Providers' Knowledge, Utilization and Prescribing of Naloxone in the Emergency Department Abstract 
027 Michael Levine Assessing Bleeding Risk in Pediatric Patients with Accidental Ingestion of Novel Anticoagulant and Antiplatelet Medications Abstract
028 Michael Levine Assessing the Involvement of a Medical Toxicologist in the Care of Rattlesnake Envenomated Patients Abstract
029 Michael Levine Comparison of Pediatric vs. Adult Rattlesnake Envenomations: The ToxIC Experience Abstract 
030 Jeffrey Lai Acceptance Among Heroin Users of Advanced Technology in Studying Naloxone Distribution Programs Abstract
031 Ron Kirschner Survey of Emergency Department Physicians on Poison Center Consultation Abstract
032 A. Mariah Kirsch Bradycardia and Hypotension after 20 mg of IV Olanzapine Abstract 
033 Andrew King Stoned by the Philosopher: The Tragic Case of the Mercurious Neighbor Abstract 
034 Sharaf Khan Does Targeted Temperature Management Improve Hospital Survival For Drug-Overdose Related Cardiac Arrest? Abstract 
035 Kenneth Katz Does Targeted Temperature Management Improve Hospital Survival For Drug-Overdose Related Cardiac Arrest? Abstract 
036 Louise Kao 2,4 Dinitrophenol Associated Hyperthermia Treated Successfully with Dantrolene Abstract 
037 Alexander Huh The Blood Urea Nitrogen to Creatinine Ratio as a Novel Prognostic Biomarker in Liver Failure Associated with Acetaminophen Toxicity Abstract
038 Adrienne Hughes A Retrospective Review of Epinephrine Exposures Reported to a Poison Center Abstract 
039 Diane Hindman Assessing Appropriate Pediatric Acetaminophen Dosing Given by Caregivers: A Cross-Sectional Study Abstract 
040 Aaron Zach
Analysis of Look-Alike/Sound-Alike Medication Errors in the Emergency Department Abstract 
041 Michelle Heiger Evaluation of Flumazenil Adverse Effects When Used in the Latrogenic Benzodiazepine Delirious Patient: A Retrospective Study at One Center Abstract
042 Benjamin Hatten  Hydrogen Peroxide Exposures Reported to the Toxicology Investigators Consortium (ToxIC) Abstract 
043 Stephen Harding  A Case of Bupropion-Induced Non-Convulsive Status Epilepticus Abstract 
044 Jason Hack  A Novel Tool to Assess Impairment from Alcohol in Emergency Department Patients—the HII score Abstract 
045 Matthew Griswold  User Self Report and Detection of Clandestine Fentanyl among Adult Heroin Users Abstract 
046 Elisabeth Giblin  It's Just Math - Unless It's Toxic! Abstract 
047 Eddie Garcia A Case of Intrathecal Digoxin Administration: Disaster in the Delivery Room Abstract 
048 Ryan Gallagher  Serial Nonsense? Clinical Characteristics and Trends in Cases with Serial Carboxyhemoglobins Abstract
049 Benjamin Willenbring  Accidental Flibanserin Poisoning in a Child Resulting in CNS Depression and Intubation for Airway Protection Abstract 
050 Paul W. Wax  The Expansion of Web-Based Learning in Medical Toxicology: The ACMT Experience Abstract
051 David Watts  Variation in Treatment Recommendations by US Poison Control Centers for Scorpion Envenomations Abstract 
052 Parag Vora  Delayed Transition of Urine Drug Immunoassay from Negativity to Positivity in a Toddler with Exploratory Ingestion of Methadone Abstract 
053 Stephen Thornton  Too Much NRG-3:  Refractory Excited Delirium Associated with 2-(Methylamino)-1-(Naphthalen-2-yl)Pentan-1-one Use Abstract 
054 Stephen Thornton  Tryptamine Trauma! N,N-Dipropyltryptamine Associated Fall, Seizure and Rhabdomyolysis Abstract 
055 Stephen Thornton  Highs in Stock? Inventory of Research Chemical Internet Vendors Abstract 
056 Emily Taub  Incidence and Risk Factors for Hyperlactatemia in ED Patients with Acute Metformin Overdose  Abstract
057 Ryan Surmaitis Thistle While You Work: A Case of Mushroom Poisoning with Liver Recovery Evident Before Silibinin Administration Abstract
058 Matthew Stripp  Cocaine and a Broken Heart (Syndrome) Abstract 
059 Matthew Stripp  Acephate: A Safer Pesticide Alternative? Abstract 
060 Matthew Stripp  Occult Occupational Ocular Exposure Abstract 
061 Meghan Spyres Prolonged & Severe Opioid Toxicity after Ingestion of Poppy Seed Tea Abstract
062 Joshua Shulman  ­­­Toxicologic Mimic: Argyria-like Skin Discoloration Associated with Methemoglobinemia Abstract 
063 Shirley Shao  Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: Galantamine Toxicity in Polysubstance Overdose Abstract 
064 Lindsay Shaack  Intestinal Botulism: the Lurking Threat of Bariatric Surgery Abstract 
065 Ryan Sarkaria  A Case Series of Ocular Exposure to Euphorbia Plant Species Abstract 
066 Cynthia Santos  The Global Education Toxicology toolKIT (GETKIT): A One Day Course for Teaching Medical Toxicology in Developing Countries Abstract 
067 Cynthia Santos  Characterizing Chemical Terrorism Incidents Collected by the Global Terrorism Database,  1970-2014 Abstract 
068 Haley Robinson  Infusion of 70% Dextrose to Minimize Risk of Fluid Overload in High Dose Insulin Therapy: A Case Series Abstract 
069 Angela Regina Acute Hepatitis Following Self Administration of Fenbendazole, A Veterinary Antihelmintic. Abstract 
070 Angela Regina Unintentional Levetiracetam Overdose in an Eleven-Week-Old Infant Without Delayed Effects on One-Year Follow Up Abstract 
071 Angela Regina  A Case of Carbon Monoxide Neurotoxicity due to Smoking Hookah  Abstract 
072 Rebecca Racz  Utilization of Informatics Tools to Mechanistically Analyze Drugs Associated with Serotonin Syndrome Abstract
073 Todd Phillips  Retrospective Case Series of Buprenorphine Toxicity in the Pediatric Patient Abstract 
074 Kaitlin Patrick  Pancreatic Pseudocyst Due to Acute Valproic Acid Overdose Abstract 
075 Yakisha Partee  Comparing Online Poison Triage System to Poison Control Center Abstract 
076 Jenna Otter  You Must-ard Be Kidding Me: A Case of Sulfur Mustard Exposure Abstract 
077 Laura Ortiz  Malignant Catatonia Mimicking Serotonin Syndrome: Two Cases Treated Successfully with Electroconvulsive Therapy Abstract 
078 Supa Niruntarai  Hydroxocobalamin Extravastation, Progression, and Resolution in a House Fire Victim Abstract 
079 Jenna Nikolaides  Naloxone Access among an Urban Population of Opioid Abusers Abstract 
080 Aimee Nefcy  Fatal Intoxication of Twin Girls After Ingestion of Topical 2% Viscous Lidocaine Abstract
Anita Mudan
Artificially Elevated Serum Creatinine after Nitromethane Ingestion Abstract 
082  Michael Moss  Muscimol and Ibotenic Acid Containing Mushrooms Exposures: US National Poison Data System 2001-2011 Abstract 
083  Michael Moss  Toxicity of Ibotenic Acid and Muscimol Containing Mushrooms Reported to a Regional Poison Control Center from 2002-2016 Abstract 
084  Yaron Finkelstein  Pharmacogenetic Determinants of Bone Toxicity Among Children Treated with Chemotherapy for Acute Leukemia Abstract 
085  Aaron Fields  Buprenorphine Treatment of Opioid Dependence for Patients Hospitalized with Infective Endocarditis Abstract 
086  Matthew Fernandez  Intentional Abuse of Loperamide: Exposure Trends Reported to US Poison Control Centers, 2011-2016 Abstract 
087  Natalija Farrell Lady Stone Heart? Abstract
088  Andrew Farkas  Mortality Associated with Abuse of Novel Opioid, U47700 Abstract
089  Andrew Farkas  Clinical Manifestations of 3-Methoxy-Phencyclidine Intoxication Abstract 
090  Daria Falkowitz  Isopropyl Alcohol Intoxication Following Ingestion of Multiple Alcohol Swabs in the Inpatient Setting Abstract 
091  Daria Falkowitz  Human Toxicity Following an Inhalational Exposure to Transport® MikronTM (Acetamiprid and Bifenthrin) Insecticide Abstract 
092  Michael Darracq  Employment Survey of Recent Medical Toxicology Fellowship Graduates Abstract 
093  Michael Darracq  Emergency Medicine Residency Toxicology Education: A Survey Study Abstract 
094  Ryan C. Daro Changing Characteristics of Synthetic Cannabinoid Toxicity: a Retrospective Study of U.S. National Poison Center Data - 2010 to 2015 Abstract 
095  Daniel Corwin Clinical Description of the Adverse Event Profile of an 11-Year-Old Girl Given a Massive Total Dose of Intravenous Lipid Emulsion Abstract 
096  Samuel K. Cordeiro   Characteristics of Synthetic Cannabinoid Toxicity by U.S. Geographical Region: A Retrospective Review of National Poison Data System 2010 - 2015 Abstract 
097  James Chomin  Priapism from Low-Dose Clozapine  Abstract 
098  Neeraj Chhabra  Tramadol and Naloxone: Seizure Association and/or Therapeutic Effect Abstract 
099  Neeraj Chhabra  Acetaminophen Poisoning and King’s College Criteria: Identifying the Need for a Transfer Guideline Abstract 
100 Brett Cherrington  Acute Arsenic Toxicity After Oral Ingestion of Intravenous Arsenic Trioxide Purchased on the Internet Abstract 
101 Michael Chary Novel Psychoactive Substance Discussions in the Online Webforum Lycaeum Reveal Popular and Unanticipated Drug Combinations Abstract 
102 Michael Chary  Linguistic Differences between Spanish and English Tweets that Mention Opioids Abstract
103 Brittany Chapman  Do Adolescents Post Social Media Content Indicative of Self-Harm and Intentional Poisonings? Abstract 
104 Sharan Campleman  Trends in the Occurrence of Opiate Exposure as Reported to the ToxIC Registry, 2010-2015 Abstract 
105 Éric Brassard  Barriers and Facilitators to Intensivists' Adherence to Hyperinsulinemia-Euglycaemia Therapy in the Treatment of Calcium Channel Blockers Poisoning Abstract 
106 Nicklaus Brandehoff  Covert Drug Use at a Continuation High School Abstract 
107 Adam Bosak  Severe Inhalational Toxicity from Chlorine Dioxide Abstract 
108 Luke Bisoski  West Nile Encephalitis: A Mimic of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome Abstract 
109 Luke Bisoski  A Child with Severe Choreoathetoid Movements Associated with Multiple Psychotropic Medications Abstract 
110 Luke Bisoski  If It Is Not a Toxic Alcohol, What Is It? Abstract 
111 Ashish Bhalla  Neurocognitive Changes After Exposure to a Single Large Dose of Aluminium Phosphide Abstract 
112 Zahra Bakhtiar  Naloxone Administration for Suspected Opioid Overdose in the Pre-Hospital and Emergency Department Settings: A Retrospective Study Abstract 
113 Justin Arnold  Inconsistency of Radiopaque Iron Tablets on Serial Abdominal X-Rays after Intentional Iron Overdose Abstract 
114 Sarah Ann Anderson  Increased Severity of Neuropsychiatric Outcomes with Acute Synthetic Cannabinoid Toxicity as Compared to Marijuana in Adolescents Presenting to Emergency Departments Abstract 
115 Bader Alyahya  Systematic Review of Adult and Pediatric Lamotrigine Overdose Abstract 
116 Mohamad Almalki  Tramadol Exposures Reported to NPDS Abstract 
117 Nadia Alhajri  Botulism or Myasthenia Gravis? Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges in Lebanon Abstract
118 Peter Akpononu  Heart Block Following Supratherapeutic Conidine Ingestion Abstract 
119 Arvin Akhavan  Methylene Blue Utilization: A Poison Center’s Experience Abstract 
120 Cynthia Aaron  Potassium Ferrocyanide: A Tale of the Blues Abstract