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FIT Open Mic

The 2018 ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting FIT Open Mic Competition gives Fellows-in-Training the opportunity to give a lecture in a national forum where experienced speakers will offer insight on content and delivery. The competition is conducted in the exciting Ignite-style format, which provides fast and intense presentations with sharp, concise messages. Any topic relevant to medical toxicology might be presented—historical topics, mystery cases, molecular mechanisms, educational development, etc.

Where & When
Saturday, April 7, 2018 from 4:30-6:00pm in the main conference room


The Toxic Woman
Alex Harding, MD
Second-Year Fellow, NYU

Cryptocurrency, the Darkweb and the Propagation of Illicit Drugs
James Krueger, MD
Second-Year Fellow, Albert Einstein Medical Center

Inadvertent Administration of Intrathecal Tranexamic Acid: A Problem?
Richard Koch, MD
Second-Year Fellow, University of California San Diego

Alchemy Realized
Sarah Shafer, MD
Second-Year Fellow, UTSW

The Assassination of North Korean President’s First Born Son, Kim Jong Nam
Theresa Kim, MD
Second-Year Fellow, Toxikon Consortium