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2021 ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting: 
Request for Proposals (RFPs) 

Virtual Chat Session - RFP

The 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting organizing committee invites ACMT Members to submit an idea for a Virtual Chat Session at our upcoming meeting, April 14-16, 2021. These sessions will be 30-minutes and held during breaks between plenary sessions. These will be smaller, breakout-type opportunities that will be held consecutively with other chat sessions -- attendees can choose to participate or instead just take a 30-minute screen break -- it’s entirely up to their preference! Your idea can be anything from a fun activity to a serious networking discussion among colleagues. Sample ideas include:

  • Discussion: Developing Your CV
  • Lessons in Virtual Interviewing
  • MedTox Quiz Bowl
  • Happy Hour: Wine
  • Show & Tell: Poison Bottles
  • Podcast or Book discussion
  • Discussion: The Interface of Politics and Toxicology

Have an idea that you think would fit? Let us know by filling out the following form and identifying the topic and moderator (the person in charge of “staffing” the session and facilitating the discussion/activity -- needs to be someone who plans on registering for the meeting).

EXTENDED! Submission Deadline: February 1, 2021

Submit an Idea

MedTox Shark Tank - RFP

The MedTox Shark Tank Research Forum is an opportunity for Fellows-in-Training, Residents, and Medical Students to obtain expert input during the formative stage of a research project. The session objective is to offer valuable insight that could strengthen their proposed research project.

We invite applicants, to submit an abstract of a research proposal to this forum. The proposal could represent a planned research project (prior to IRB submission), a proposal awaiting IRB approval, or something that is further along, perhaps into a pilot data collection phase.

To be eligible, you must be a Fellow-in-Training, Resident or Medical Student. The abstract should include:

  1. Title of Presentation
  2. Aims
  3. Significance and Innovation
  4. Research Approach (Methods) and Timeline
  5. Major Limitations/Questions

For more info, go to:

EXTENDED! Submission Deadline: February 1, 2021

Submit a Proposal

Open Mic Competition - RFP

ACMT invites all fellows, residents, and medical students to submit an abstract of a presentation for the Open Mic Competition. Any topic relevant to medical toxicology is appropriate—historical topics, mystery cases, molecular mechanisms, educational development, etc. Above all, we are looking for engaging speakers and interesting presentations. Presenters are chosen by a panel of evaluators. Proposals are evaluated on content and originality.

A complete proposal application includes:

  • Abstract (250 words describing your topic)
  • Objective 1
  • Objective 2
  • Objective 3

Fore more info, go to:

EXTENDED! Submission Deadline: February 1, 2021

Submit a Proposal

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