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ACMT Committees Overview

Members, click on the committee links below or in the left side bar to access information about that specific committee. If you are an ACMT member and are interested in joining a committee, please email .

Addiction Medicine Committee 

Chairs: Timothy Wiegand, MD, FACMT and Co-Chair JoAn Laes, MD- 

The purpose of this section is to provide ACMT members a platform to communicate about addiction medicine opportunities for medical toxicologists. This section will focus on creating awareness and understanding of the treatment of addictive disorders as well as on creating opportunities for medical toxicologists to network, find mentors who practice in this area as well as develop a respository of information and educational materials for use in educational activities related to addiction medicine.  

Awards Committee

Chair: Leslie Dye, MD, FACMT – 

This committee organizes and reviews the nominations for specific ACMT Awards and suggests a recipient for each ACMT award. The Committee Chair chooses members of the Awards Committee and its subcommittees. If you are interested in participating in this committee, please email for future consideration.

Clerkship Council Committee

Chair: Ziad Kazzi, MD, FACMT - 
The CCMT aims to serve as a unified voice for medical toxicology clerkship directors on a national level. Our target audience will consist of medical toxicology clerkship directors, medical student educators and medical students who are enrolled in US medical schools. Our initial set of objectives include: creating and maintaining a searchable database of medical toxicology clerkships in the US; compiling existing resources and developing new materials that can be used by clerkship directors and medical students; and creating a national model clerkship curriculum.

Education Committee

Chair: Bryan Judge, MD, FACMT - 

This committee determines the educational needs of the membership (as identified through needs assessments and feasibility studies) and identify or develop resources and delivery modalities to address those needs. They also assess current educational offerings and partnerships and monitor the ongoing effectiveness of all educational activities. 

Fellowship Directors Committee

Chair: Tony Pizon, MD, FACMT – 

This committee shall define and initiate initiatives for the Medical Toxicology Program Directors as a group. This committee is only open to current medical toxicology fellowship directors.  

International Committee

Co-Chairs: Ziad Kazzi, MD, FACMT -  and Rais Vohra, MD, FACMT - 

This committee serves to develop and maintain ACMT’s strategy to increase our emphasis on international activities and is responsible for Connecting clinicians, educators, and researchers worldwide about issues related to poisoning, envenomation and overdose.

Membership Committee

Chair: Evan Schwarz, MD – 

This committee determines the eligibility of applicants for active membership and fellowship, represents and monitors the needs of the membership, recommends policies, procedures, and initiatives to assure a growing and vital membership organization and organizes the annual FACMT Reception.  

Nominations Committee

Chair: Charles McKay, MD, FACMT – 

This committee is responsible for securing candidates for the ballot and to present a slate of qualified, acceptable candidates to the ACMT Board of Directors for approval and to the ACMT membership for a vote. 

Position Statements and Guidelines

Chair: Andrew Stolbach, MD, FACMT - 

This committee is responsible for developing position statements, guidelines, and commentary for ACMT. The committee reviews existing position statements and recommends revising, reaffirming, or retiring them. The committee may explore, participate, and draft position statements, guidelines and commentary with other organizations when appropriate.

Practice Committee

Co-Chairs: Tim Wiegand, MD, FACMT -  and Danyal Ibrahim, MD, FACMT – 

This committee is responsible for providing exposure to ACMT on a national basis through the development of Position Statements and organizes the Fellows-in-Training Roundtable and Practice Symposium held annually at the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology.

Public Affairs Committee

Chair: Michelle Ruha, MD, FACMT –  

This committee is responsible for enhancing public awareness of ACMT and recognition of medical toxicology as a specialty through the use of social media and news media outlets.

Research Committee

Chair:  William Russ Kerns, MD, FACMT –

This committee is responsible for reviewing applications and organizing the selection process for various research grants.  It also organizes the research poster session and assists and provides guidance with the Fellows-in-Training Research Forum at our annual ACMT Spring Conference.