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ACMT Fact Sheet

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The American College of Medical Toxicology (ACMT) is a professional, nonprofit association of more than 600 physicians with recognized expertise in medical toxicology.

  • Recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties in 1993
  • ACMT is the primary organization that serves Medical Toxicologists
  • There are currently 27 Medical Toxicology Fellowship Programs
  • ACMT supports multiple resident and medical student rotations and clerkships
  • Focused on the diagnosis, management, and prevention of many toxicologic disorders including but not limited to:
Drug and medication overdose
Intoxication from drugs of abuse
Identifying and treating emerging drugs of abuse
Chemical exposures
Addiction management and the opioid epidemic
Adverse drug reactions and adverse drug events
Occupational exposures
Environmental toxins
Biologic agents and warfare agents
Forensic toxicology

ACMT Mission Statement

Advancing the toxicologic care of patients and populations; and advocating for the specialty of medical toxicology.

ACMT Vision Statement

Everyone will know the essential role and value of the medical toxicologist.

ACMT Values

  • Advocacy – Advocate for the care of toxicologic patients and individuals with substance abuse disorders
  • Education – Promote and sustain continuous learning and competency in medical toxicology and serve as the education leaders for other health care providers and the public
  • Global Health – Advocate for the specialty of medical toxicology globally. Collaborate with health care providers globally through education and research.
  • Innovation – Lead change in the field of medical toxicology
  • Integrity – Be ethical, transparent, and evidence-informed in our communications with our patients and the public
  • Leadership – Guide change and set the standards that will chart the course of medical toxicology
  • Membership – Provide our members with mentorship and high quality benefits and encourage diverse practices and career fulfillment
  • Patient Care – Provide high quality direct patient care in a variety of clinical settings
  • Research – Create research opportunities that yield new toxicologic knowledge and translate it into clinical care and public health improvement

ACMT Goals

  • Establish the Value of Medical Toxicology 
  • Establish Membership Value 
  • Enhance Member Engagement 

Meetings & Courses

  • ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Medical Toxicology Board Review Course
  • ACMT Seminars in Forensic Toxicology
  • ACMT Premeeting Symposium at NACCT
  • Chemical Agents of Opportunity Courses
  • Hazards of Illicit Methamphetamine Synthesis Course


Research Network

In 2010, ACMT started the Toxicology Investigators Consortium better known as ToxIC. This multicenter research network of more than 50 major medical toxicology centers across the United States has developed a Registry of patients directly treated by medical toxicologists at the bedside and is organized to conduct multicenter research studies. There are also 3international sites. More than 50,000 patients are entered in the registry.

Medical Toxicology Foundation

The Medical Toxicology Foundation (MTF), is a 501(c)3 charitable organization established by ACMT whose mission is to improve patient’s lives through support of education, training, and research that advances the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of patients adversely affected by drugs, chemicals, and natural toxins. The MTF has four core award programs: Innovative Teaching Award, Research Awards, Development Awards, and Public Education in Medical Toxicology Award.


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