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Aims and Vision


1. To establish a global network of centres passionate about education and connect people of different backgrounds and experiences.

2. To connect countries with toxicology services and those without through videoconference. 

3. To educate and share experience of patients with toxicology based problems

4. To establish long term connections between health services around the world and improve toxicology education.


The vision:


Interested centres would nominate a fixed day and time once a month (ie 1st Wednesday as part of regular case discussions) to videoconference for 1 hour. Each centre would also preference if they were interested in more than one centre to videoconference with. Our committee would match up centres with similar times and forward contact details to both parties who would then further arrange conferencing. All parties need to be happy with their matched centres.


The content of these videoconferences would be to share deidentified toxicology cases and experiences which would further educate both parties. Also we hope that this will build long term bridges between health services around the globe.


An attached curriculum is meant as a guide for more formal teaching.