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Applying for a Medical Toxicology Fellowship

All medical toxicologists must complete a fellowship in medical toxicology. Fellowships are approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and consist of two years of training. 


About Fellowships:

  • There are 28 fellowship training programs, and typically about 70 fellows in training at any one time.
  • Medical Toxicology Fellowship is now a match program, with match date in November for the program starting the following July. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply and interview early in order to participate in the match.
  • Fellowship programs are typically small and diverse in what they offer. Although all accredited programs must adhere to a core curriculum, some place varied emphasis on research, clinical care, scholarly activities or administration. Some offer additional experiences and degrees such as an MPH, or international travel opportunities.


How do I apply for a Medical Toxicology Fellowship?


Learn more about fellowship program requirements and deadlines:

Medical Toxicology Fellowship Programs 2018: 

Eligibility and Shift/Service Requirements

Fellowship Application and Match Dates 2018-2022


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