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ACMT is dedicated to advancing the science and practice of medical toxicology through a variety of activities:

Scientific Meetings

ACMT sponsors several national conferences for medical toxicologists each year. Each Spring, the ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting offers state of the art lectures and symposia to medical toxicologists and other interested registrants on a wide range of cutting edge topics. Original research abstracts are accepted for presentation at this conference.
Every other year, ACMT offers a Comprehensive Board Review Course that serves to help prepare medical toxicologists for the Board Certification Examination in Medical Toxicology and also provides an extensive review in medical toxicology for those seeking enrichment and review. On a regular basis ACMT also organizes state of the art-stand-alone course on Forensic Toxicology and other contemporary toxicological issues such as Prescription Opioid Abuse or Advances in Antidotal Therapy. 


ACMT hosts three regularly scheduled interactive webinars (participate in real time, or stream anytime), available for all members as a benefit of membership. National Case Conference, National Journal Club and Grand Rounds are lead by members and other experts in medical toxicology. We also host special webinars in topics such as addiction medicine and exam prep.

Communication and Networking

  • ACMT publishes the Journal of Medical Toxicology, its official print journal. This international, medline-indexed, peer-reviewed journal is dedicated to advancing the science and practice of medical toxicology. The journal publishes original articles, illustrative cases, review articles, and other special features.
  • ACMT also sponsors the Forum, an online interactive moderated discussion site that enables members to rapidly exchange information, advice and comments on clinical developments, unusual or difficult cases, public policy, and job and training opportunities.
  • ACMT publishes an online membership directory with geographic and alphabetical listings provides members with a resource for further contact and referral. 
  • As a member, you will receive The ACMT Connection, our monthly e-news and other updates according to your email subscription preferences.

Public Policy

As an association of physicians with expertise in medical toxicology, ACMT encourages public policy that advances poisoning treatment and prevention, drug safety, and occupational and environmental health. On a variety of current issues, ACMT designates members to serve as representatives to public or private advisory committees. ACMT may also promulgate policy papers or position statements approved by its Board of Directors.

Research Network

In 2010, ACMT started the Toxicology Investigators Consortium better known as ToxIC. This multi-center research network of more than 30 major medical toxicology centers across the Unites States and abroad has developed a registry of patients directly treated by medical toxicologists at the bedside and is organized to conduct multi-center research studies. Visit the ToxIC website to learn more.

Medical Toxicology Practice

ACMT is dedicated to improving the quality of care rendered to patients with toxicology-related medical problems, and to expanding patient access to board-certified medical toxicologists. Through contacts with government agencies and professional organizations, ACMT plans to have an increasing role in defining the scope of medical toxicology practice in the managed care environment and the public health arena. ACMT is working with insurers, hospitals, and other health professionals to enhance recognition of the medical toxicologist's unique skills, expertise, and clinical contributions.

Fellowship Training in Medical Toxicology

Many ACMT members are active as faculty and preceptors in the more than 2 dozen Medical Toxicology training programs that prepare physicians for board certification by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). Through the actions of its membership and committees, ACMT is committed to advancing high standards for fellowship training curriculum and board certification. In addition, ACMT is proud to sponsor the Medical Toxicology Fellows Association, the first professional organization for medical toxicology fellows-in-training.

Membership and Structure

Full membership in ACMT is offered to physicians certified in Medical Toxicology by the American Board of Emergency Medicine, American Board of Pediatrics, American Board of Preventive Medicine, or, prior to 1992, by the American Board of Medical Toxicology. International membership is available to licensed physicians outside the United States who practice medical toxicology as a substantial portion of professional activities. Associate membership is available to enrollees in clinical training programs or recent graduates of medical toxicology training programs who have not yet received Board Certification. Affiliate membership is available to licensed U.S. physicians who have an interest in medical toxicology and non-physicians who have a doctorate-level degree or ABAT certification and work in a field related to medical toxicology. Resident membership is available to physicians enrolled in a training program in any medical specialty. Medical student membership is available to those enrolled in medical school. ACMT members elect a Board of Directors (13 members), including executive officers. All members are eligible to serve on ACMT committees.

Fellow Designation (FACMT)

Members, International Members, and Members Emeritus of the American College of Medical Toxicology who have met additional criteria as established by members, shall be designated as "Fellow of the American College of Medical Toxicology," and shall be entitled to use the title "FACMT."