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Matthew J. Ellenhorn Award

The Matthew J. Ellenhorn Award is to honor an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to the field of medical toxicology. Dr. Ellenhorn had a distinguished career as an educator and clinician. He was an early member of and examiner for the American Board of Medical Toxicology. He actively contributed to the literature and was a reliable, persistent and provocative interrogator of presenters at the annual toxicology meeting. The textbook, Medical Toxicology: Diagnosis and Management of Human Poisoning, originally co-authored with Donald Barceloux, MD, was a standard for the field.


Any member of the College may nominate himself/herself or another member for this award. The nominee must be an active member of the College; however the peak of activity does not have to be recent. Additional outstanding contributions to the specialty should include one or all of the following; teaching, clinical practice, research, service.

Recipient by Year

2019 Paul Wax, MD, FACMT
2018 Lewis Nelson, MD, FACMT
2017 Kenneth Kulig, MD, FACMT
2016 Michael Kosnett, MD, FACMT
2015 Fred Henretig, MD, FACMT
2014 Milton Tenenbein, MD, FACMT 
2013 Jeffrey Brent, MD, PhD, FACMT 
2012 Robert S. Hoffman, MD, FACMT  
2011 William Banner, MD, FACMT 
2010 Kent Olson, MD, FACMT 
2009 Steven Marcus, MD 
2008 J. Ward Donovan, MD, FACMT
2007 Steven Curry, MD, FACMT 
2006 Charles Becker, MD, FACMT 
2005 Anthony Temple, MD 
2004 Richard Dart, MD, FACMT 
2003 Carol Angle, MD 
2002 Howard Mofenson, MD 
2001 Barry Rumack, MD, FACMT 
2000 Frederick Lovejoy, MD 
1999 William Robertson, MD 
1998 Lewis Goldfrank, MD, FACMT 
1997 Helmut Redetsky, MD

Nomination Procedures

Letters of nomination should offer detailed specific information regarding the nominees contributions to the field of Medical Toxicology.

Send letters to the Awards Committee:
Email:  (preferred)

or by mail to:
American College of Medical Toxicology
Attention: Awards Committee
10645 N. Tatum Blvd., Suite 200-111
Phoenix, AZ 85028

Award and Presentation

The recipient will be recognized at the ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting. The recipient will have the opportunity to deliver a keynote address on a topic of his/her choice or have one presented in his/her honor. 

Judgment: Each year the Awards Committee will evaluate the new entries submitted and the previous nominees from the last five years. The recommendations are subject to review by the ACMT Board of Directors. The decision of the Board is final, and the Board reserves the right to make no award if there are no nominees of sufficient merit.