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Fellows-in-Training Visiting Professor Lecture 

Each year, ACMT hosts two presentations for the medical toxicology fellows-in-training known as the ACMT Educational Symposium for Fellows-in-Training Visiting Professor Lecture. These are held at the ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting in the Spring and the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology in the Fall. The speakers are distinguished medical toxicology leaders who generally speak on topics pertaining to career development and professional growth.

Recent presentations have included:

  • "Homicide in Healthcare" by Brent Furbee, MD at the the Annual Scientific Meeting in 2017; 
  • "Global Toxicology: Opportunities for Fellows-in-Training" by Ziad Kazzi, MD and Rais Vohra, MD at the Annual Scientific Meeting in 2016;
  • "Professional Organizations and Your Medical Toxicology Career." by Lewis Nelson, MD, Adam Pomerleau, MD, Michelle Ruha, MD, and Shawn Varney, MD at the Annual Scientific Meeting in 2015;
  • "How Can an MPH Enhance Your Toxicology Career?" by Stephen Munday, MD, FACMT at the Annual Scientific Meeting in 2014;
  • "Investigating Medication Safety Events: Becoming the Expert at Your Institution" at NACCT in 2013;
  • "The Challenges of Job Negotiations." by Suzanne White, MD, FACMT at the Annual Scientific Meeting in 2013;
  • "Core Knowledge in Occupational Toxicology: don’t leave your training without it!” by Michael Greenberg, MD, MPH at NACCT in 2012;
  • "The Importance and Power of Writing in Medical Toxicology", by Bryan S. Judge, MD at the Annual Scientific Meeting in 2012;
  • "Medical Staff Leadership: Why and How Medical Toxicologists Might Consider this Role as Part of Their Career in the Future", by Ken Kulg, MD at NACCT in 2011;
  • “The Medical Toxicologist on the Addiction Medicine/Detox Service", by Marcel Casavant, MD and Heath Jolliff, DO at NACCT in 2010;
  • "Consulting Opportunities in Medical Toxicology", by Jeffrey Brent, MD, PhD at the Spring Conference in 2010; 
  • "The Bradford-Hill Criteria: Assessing Causation from Biomonitoring Studies” by Richard Wang, MD at NACCT in 2009;
  • “Starting Out: Our First Years at a Tertiary Academic Medical Center as Medical Toxicologists” by James Rhee, MD and Trevonne Thompson, MD at NACCT in 2008; and
  • “Choosing a Research Field in Medical Toxicology” by William Meggs, MD at NACCT in 2007.