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2021 ACMT Seminar in Forensic Toxicology:
December 16-17 | Virtual

A Look Forward at New Psychoactive Substances and a Look BAC at Ethanol


This course will focus on important forensic and medical-legal aspects of new psychoactive substances (NPS) and ethanol. For decades, forensic concerns about ethanol have focused on intent, impairment, and liability.  We are now challenged by a growing number of legal cases involving NPS. Can the lessons learned about ethanol provide a framework to address these same issues regarding NPS?

Join our expert faculty for a virtual interactive experience as we consider cases involving alcohol and novel stimulant, opioid, and hallucinogenic compounds. Panelists will highlight the importance of scene-based information, analytic considerations, and interpretation of clinical or postmortem findings in an ever-changing drug environment. This seminar will be of interest to professionals across many disciplines, including medical toxicology, forensic/clinical toxicology, pathology, addiction medicine, medicine, public health, law, and law enforcement. 
Continuing Education (CE) credits will be available to physicians, forensic toxicologists, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists, and lawyers.
Target Audience: physicians, pharmacists, toxicologists, analytic chemists, medical review officers, nurses, scientists, social workers, attorneys, law enforcement, and public health specialists

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