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ToxIC Registry Forms

ToxIC Core Registry

ToxIC Core Registry Form : Date of Last Update 10/1/15 (Ver. 5.2)


ToxIC Sub Registries - Open to All ToxIC Sites

Caustic Registry Form : Date Last Update

Extracoporeal Therapy (ECT) Registry Form  : Date Last Update 6/15/2015 (Ver. 1.0)

Lipid Registry Form : Date Last Update

Metal on Metal Hip Implant Registry Form : Date Last Update

Prescription Opioid Misuse Registry Form : Date Last Update

Severity Score Registry Form : Date Last Update

Sodium Bicarbonate Therapy Registry : Date Last Update 05/01/2015 (Ver. 1.0)


ToxIC Sub Registries - Restricted Consortia Limited to Subset of ToxIC Sites

Emerging Drugs of Abuse (iN3) Registry Form : Date Last Update 12/11/2014 (Ver. 1.2)

North American Snakebite Registry (NASBR) Form : Date Last Update


Other ToxIC Forms

ToxIC Site Data User Agreement : Date Last Update