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International Conference Sponsorship

ACMT is pleased to promote educational activities world-wide that are in line with ACMT's mission. Applications for this can be sent to


Application Details:

  • All recommended conference applications should be submitted no less than three months in advance of the activity.
  • Educational activities are organized by a separate entity or organization whose content is in line with ACMT’s mission.
  • Please describe the activity purpose, location, date, target audience and methods of instruction.
  • Once the application is received, it is sent reviewed by the International Committee. ACMT will not accept applications for activities that fall within one month prior to or following ACMT conferences or meetings. You will be notified by ACMT if your application is approved or rejected.
  • The application fee is equal to one full course registration for the activity. Please send the application fee along with your initial application. The application fee will be waived if the conference attendance is free-of-charge or if the registration of an ACMT speaker to the conference is waived.
  • Once the program is approved and the payment received, the promotion of the recommended program can begin.

Program Requirements:

  • Place the ACMT logo and website link on the home page of the conference/course website and/or brochure.
  • The FACMT designation is to be listed for all faculty and organizers of the conference or course who are FACMT members.
  • Any registration discounts be provided to host/organizing institution’s members be offered to ACMT members 
In return, ACMT will advertise your meeting on and include the announcement in the ACMT Forum and newsletter. If requested, ACMT will organize a session in your meeting using ACMT speakers and in coordination with your scientific planning committee. 



Contact ACMT International Committee by e-mail, at