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Medical Toxicology Foundation Practice Grant


Amount: $5,000

Number of Grants Available: 1

Funding Duration: 1 year


Clinically-based practices in Medical Toxicology are becoming more common as the subspecialty matures. To assist in promoting such services, the Medical Toxicology Foundation (MTF) is offering this grant to fund research evaluating the potential economic and clinical benefits of Medical Toxicology services.

The objective of a study funded by this award should be to measure the impact on patient care from the provision of medical toxicology services in either the inpatient or outpatient setting. This measurement should be performed using appropriate economic and/or clinical metrics. Such metrics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost analysis regarding hospital length of stay
  • Cost analysis regarding admission level of care (ICU vs. telemetry vs. regular bed)
  • Analysis of admission rates from Emergency Departments
  • Analysis of inpatient antidotal treatment costs
  • Cost analysis related to exotic testing and/or unconventional chelation therapy
  • Analysis of antidote safety
  • Cost analysis of diagnostic testing
  • Analysis of use of invasive procedures (intubation, hemodialysis)
  • Quality measures (depression screening, medication reconciliation, medication-related fall risk)
  • Analysis of access to Medical Toxicologists

The maximum amount of this grant offering is $5,000 to support direct costs of research one year in duration. By policy, the MTF does not cover indirect costs. 

Past Recipients

2018 MTF Practice Award
Jeffrey_Lai_image_2018.jpgJeffrey, Lai, MD, University of Massachusetts Medical Center
Study title: TeleSUDE: A Telemedicine-based Substance Use Disorder Evaluation to facilitate addiction treatment referrals after near-fatal opioid overdose
2015 MTF Practice Award
Tim Wiegand, MD, University of Rochester Medical Center
Study Title: Does Direct Medical Toxicology: Bedside Care Improve Upon Poison Center Based Protocols for Pediatric Antidepressant Ingestions?
2013 MTF Practice Award 

Pizon 125w

Anthony Pizon, MD and colleagues at The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Study Title: Effects of Specialty Care on Cost and Length of Stay Following Hospitalization of the Poisoned Patient

Current Position (2018): Chief of Medical Toxicology and Fellowship Director at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 


  • Menke NB, King AM, Lynch MJ, Abesamis MG, Saul MI, Pizon AF. Effects of medical toxicology speciality care on resource utilization during hospitalization of the poisoned patient. J Medical Toxicology 2015;11:6.
  • Menke NB, King AM, Lynch MJ, Abesamis MG, Saul MI, Pizon AF. An inpatient toxicology service leads to increased hospital revenue by significantly increasing the number of transferred poisoned patients. J Medical Toxicology 2015; 11: 31
  • Menke NB, King AM, Lynch MJ, Abesamis MG, Saul MI, Pizon AF. Effects of medical toxicology specialty care on length of stay following hospitalization of the poisoned patient. J Medical Toxicology 2015; 11: 31-32.