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22nd annual
Clinical Pathological Case Presentation Competition (CPC)
2020 NACCT in San Francisco, CA
September 10-14, 2020

The American College of Medical Toxicology is proud to announce the 22nd annual Clinical Pathological Case Presentation Competition (or CPC) in association with the 2020 NACCT meeting in San Francisco, California. The CPC is expected to be scheduled on the evening of September 11th, just prior to the Main Congress, starting after the Pre-Symposia. Exact scheduling to be determined. 

For the first time, ACMT is now accepting CPC case submissions from outside of Toxicology Fellowship programs. Cases may now be submitted by any academic toxicology mentor/mentee pairing, as long as the senior member (CPC Case Discussant) in this relationship is an ACMT physician member who has an academic supervisory role in relation to the junior member (CPC Case Presenter). Thus, the senior member will be an Attending Physician in a Toxicology Fellowship and/or a Residency program proximate to toxicology, and the junior member will be a Fellow or a Resident Physician. Although it is likely that participating junior members will be from Tox, EM, Peds, or Occ Med, they can represent any specialty so long as they are a physician working with an ACMT member and they are submitting a Tox case.

We are asking for challenging poisoning cases, prepared in a format suitable to present as an unknown to another CPC participant. In return, you will be given a similarly vexing case with which to generate a differential diagnosis, educate the audience, and hopefully also to solve.  Out of all submissions received, an ACMT educational sub-committee will choose the top three cases for the CPC competition. 

How to Submit 

To submit your case, read the following guidelines and submit the submission form to Jeff Suchard via e-mail ( Submission Deadline: June 1, 2020. Earlier submission is greatly appreciated.

Submission Form & Guidelines


If you have any questions about how the CPC works, or if a case you have would be good for the CPC, or anything else, please contact  Jeff Suchard via e-mail (