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ACMT FIT Visiting Professor Lecture
2020 NACCT in San Francisco, CA
September 10-14, 2020

ACMT FIT Visiting Professor Lecture - Request for Proposals - Deadline: January 3, 2020

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The Fellows-in-Training (FIT) Visiting Professor Lecture is a 60-minute presentation delivered by an ACMT member to fellows-in-training at NACCT. This is a great opportunity for a medical toxicologist to present an interesting and/or innovative aspect of medical toxicology while fostering the education of trainees.

Previous FIT Visiting Professor Lecture topics have included:

  • Core Knowledge in Occupational Toxicology. Don’t Leave Your Training Without It!  Michael Greenberg
  • The Power of Writing: Why Doing It Well Is Important to a Medical Toxicologist, Bryan Judge
  • Investigating Medication Safety Events: Becoming the Expert at Your Future Institution, Brenna Farmer and Jeanmarie Perrone
  • How Can an MPH Enhance Your Toxicology Career? Stephen Munday and Josh Schier
  • How to Start Up a Forensic Toxicology Practice, Jerrold Leikin
  • Professional Organizations and Your Toxicology Career, Lewis Nelson, Michelle Ruha, Shawn Varney, Adam Pomerleau
  • Using Conceptual Frameworks in Medical Toxicology, Bryan Judge
  • Global Toxicology:  Opportunities for Fellows-in-Training, Ziad Kazzi, Rais Vohra
  • Medical Directorship as a Career Path for Toxicologists, JoAn Laes, Tim Wiegand, Carson Harris, Tseganesh Selamaeb, Andrew Topliff
  • The Advantage Of Developing A Niche For Your Medical Toxicology Career, Chris Hoyte
  • Pursuing a Research Career as a Medical Toxicology Young Investigator: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Stephanie Carreiro, David Jang (2018)
  • Teaching Toxicology to Other Professionals: The How and Why of Continuing Medical Education (2019)

How to Apply

Proposals should include:

  1. Proposed Lecture Title
  2. Name of Presenter(s)
  3. Presentation Background
  4. Learner Objectives (minimum of 2)
  5. Presentation Method

Deadline: January 3, 2020

All proposals will be peer-reviewed by members of the ACMT Education Committee and ACMT leadership. If selected, your proposal will be forwarded to NACCT for final approval (anticipated final decision by February 2020).

Submit A Proposal

Travel Support

ACMT members participate at NACCT at their own expense. Proposals may each include one non-toxicology expert for whom ACMT can potentially provide travel, hotel, and complimentary registration to attend the meeting. However, ACMT cannot guarantee this prior to final review and decision.


For questions please write to ACMT Education Program Manager