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ACMT Scientific Symposium
2019 NACCT in Nashville, TN
September 23-27, 2019

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ACMT Scientific Symposium - Request for Proposals - Deadline: January 11, 2019
ACMT is soliciting proposals for the Scientific Symposium at the 2019 North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology (NACCT) in Nashville, TN. This symposium is 90 minutes in length and covers new scientific advancements in medical toxicology, often with a basic science focus. The format usually includes several didactic sessions (e.g., lectures), although panel discussions may be included if the topic and time allows.

Previous Scientific Symposium topics have included:

  • Cellular Effects of Modern Drugs of Abuse
  • Current Concepts in Opioid Addiction
  • Mitochondrial Toxicology
  • The Role of the Immune System in Toxicological Responses
  • Nanotoxicology
  • Toxicogenomics
  • Stem Cells
  • Genetic Susceptibility in Toxic Exposure
  • The Toxicology of Endocrine Disruption
  • Liver Failure/Transplantation
  • Hypothermia and Toxicology
  • Toxicological Approaches to the Obese Patient
  • Advances in Pain Pharmacotherapy
  • Reactive Oxygen species, lipid peroxidation, and cell death
  • Medical Toxicology Integration into Personalized Medicine
  • Out of the Starting Gate: Medical Toxicology Research Study Design, Funding, and Patient Consent
  • Hypersensitivity Issues in Occupational Exposures (2018)

How to Apply

Proposals should include:

  1. Title: should reflect the overall theme and vision for the symposium.
  2. Objectives: should be succinct and highlight the innovations, research, and/or scientific issues to be addressed.
  3. Lecture Description(s): suggested topics and proposed titles, length of presentations, and preliminary CME learning objectives.
  4. Speaker(s): if you would like to propose speakers, you may do so. However please do not make any commitments to proposed speakers prior to RFP submission. If selected, the session (including speakers) may be modified at the discretion of the ACMT Education Committee.  

Download Proposal Form Template

While recognizing that some changes will occur, the Education Committee leadership reserves the right to reconsider a session in the event of speaker substitutions or of other changes in the intended focus of the session.

All proposals will be peer-reviewed by members of the ACMT Education Committee and ACMT leadership. If selected, your proposal will be forwarded to NACCT for final approval (anticipated final decision by February 2019).

Deadline: January 11, 2019

Submit A Proposal

Travel Support

ACMT members participate at NACCT at their own expense. Proposals may each include one non-toxicology expert for whom ACMT can potentially provide travel, hotel, and complimentary registration to attend the meeting. However, ACMT cannot guarantee this prior to final review and decision.


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