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Criminal Poisoning & Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault: Forensic, Legal, and Medical Aspects

This seminar will focus on the forensic and medical-legal aspects of criminal poisoning and drug facilitated crimes by presenting intriguing cases encountered by medical toxicology experts. The seminar will be tailored to the interests of physicians and other scientists involved in numerous disciplines including medical toxicology, forensic and laboratory medicine, law-enforcement, and the legal community.  

Target Audience: physicians, pharmacists, toxicologists, analytic chemists, nurses, scientists, social workers, attorneys, law enforcement, and public health specialists
After completing this course, attendees will be able to:
  • Describe the depth and scope of criminal poisoning and drug-facilitated crimes.
  • Discuss the importance of forensic toxicology analytical issues as they relate to criminal poisoning and drug facilitated crimes.
  • Understand court room challenges from both a medical perspective and legal perspective.
  • Discuss ethical issues that can arise in the medicolegal arena.
  • Understand how illicit substances/toxins are obtained from the Dark Web.
  • Recognize substances that are used to commit drug facilitated sexual assault.
  • Discuss the medical and legal challenges associated with drug facilitated sexual assault.


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Organizing Committee

Brent Furbee, MD, FACMT
Stacey Hail, MD, FACMT
Chris Holstege, MD, FACMT
Bryan Judge, MD, FACMT
Paul Wax, MD, FACMT