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ToxIC Consortium Projects

Clinical Presentation and Complications of Patients after Exposure to Substances Labeled “Bath Salts”

Description:   This retrospective multicenter descriptive study will define the clinical presentation and medical complications of patients who present to the hospital after bath salt use.

PI/Contact:    Dan Rusyniak


Status:            Approved 2011 - Inactive

Deliverables:    J Med Toxicol 2015 June 11(2):185-94



Description:   Use the ToxIC Registry to identify translational mechanism to collect human data on individuals exposed to high doses of threat agents of interest to the CounterACT program.

PI/Contact:    Ben Hatten


Status:            Approved 2014 - Active 

Deliverables:  Abstract 2015 ACMT ASM 


Post Stroke Overdose as Self Harm in Emergency Department Patients

Description:   Multiple site study to identify the risk factors of overdose in patients within 1 year after stroke

PI/Contact:    Michael Policastro


Status:            Approved 2011 - Inactive

Deliverables:  None


Quetiapine and QRS Study

Description:   To retrospectively review clinical data in cases of quetiapine poisonings reported through the ToxIC registry to examine whether quetiapine poisoning results in a prolonged QRS duration

PI/Contact:     Jason Oost


Status:            Approved 2013 - Active

Deliverables:  None


Synthetic THC Study

Description:   The purpose of this study is to produce a descriptive series of patient that experience seizures following synthetic THC use.

PI/Contact:   Blake Froberg


Status:          Approved 2012 - Inactive

Deliverables:  None


What Medications Induce Serotonin Syndrome?

Description:   We seek to determine a list of the medications that are truly responsible for serotonin toxicity as defined by a medical toxicologist using current criteria

PI/Contact:    Rob Hendrickson


Status:           Approved 2011 - Active

Deliverables:  Abstract 2015 ACMT ASM


ToxIC Cool (Therapeutic Hypothermia)

Description:   This prospective study intends to characterize the use of therapeutic hypothermia as a therapeutic modality following toxin-induced cardiac arrest

PI/Contact:    Russ Kerns


Status:            Approved 2013 - Active

Deliverables:  None