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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Reopening Schools During COVID-19

National Call to Action Report


As pressure mounts for schools to reopen this fall, awareness is growing of the need for specific plans on how schools will not just open, but stay open, by protecting the health of children and their families, teachers, administrators and school staff. In this webinar, Founder & Executive Director of the Healthy Schools Network, Claire Barnett, will discuss the recently released National Call to Action for state public health agencies to provide all schools an authoritative School Infection Prevention and Control Plan to adopt. She will be joined by Allen Barkkume, an Industrial Hygienist who will discuss occupational health and indoor air at school. 



Pandemic v. Schools: Preventing and Controlling Infections

Claire Barnett, MBA
Founder & Executive Director, Healthy Schools Network
Saratoga Springs, NY


Occupational Health and Indoor Air at School

Allen Barkkume, MS
Industrial Hygiene Consultant, New Jersey Work Environment Council
Trenton, NJ



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