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We live in a time where our online lives have become increasingly complex.  We visit multiple websites (i.e. work, ACMT, GMail, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) daily and have multiple passwords necessary to remember for each one.  Every account and interaction that we have online usually is associated with a password.  It is so difficult, that more often than not, people use simple words, phrases, even birthdates for their passwords.  In this era of identity theft, this is very very dangerous.  But how can we be expected to remember all of these passwords easily, while keeping our identity and information safe?

Strong Passwords

One option that works quite well, is to have a system of password generation that works regardless of the site you visit.  Watch this short (2 min) video from the Mozilla foundation and see one such example.

You can see how this is 1) personal, 2) unique, and 3) strong by most standards. Plus it is easy to "generate on the fly", so there is no need to write anything down, or keep a record.  For another example of this technique, please see this page.

Password Management

Another option is to implement a password management solution.  This is a program, browser extension or bookmark that allows you to have a secure way to save, manage and remember your passwords for mulitple sites, by remembering a single master password.  There are multiple examples of this, depending on the platform that you use.  I've listed a few options here, along with an example of using them.

An example of the use of LastPass:

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