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ACMT COVID-19 Web Series FAQs

Psychological Resiliency

The May 13, 2020 ACMT COVID Webinar features a presentation by Nadine Kaslow, PhD from Emory University on “Psychological Resilience During COVID-19 and Beyond”. This presentation and the FAQs below highlight coping skills and resources that we hope healthcare providers and others will find useful in dealing with the psychological impact of this pandemic.

FAQs - Psychological Resilency

 What is the range of psychological responses people have had to this pandemic? posted on 12:25 AM, September 30, 2020
 Are there any factors that make individuals more or less susceptible to worrisome emotional responses? posted on 12:26 AM, September 30, 2020
 What adaptive/sustaining behaviors are “best” in responding to COVID and stress? posted on 12:37 AM, September 30, 2020
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