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ACMT Addiction Medicine Committee

Chair: Timothy Wiegand, MD, FACMT -
Co-Chair: JoAn Laes, MD -

ACMT has specifically identified Addition Medicine as a career pathway and priority for the development of practice models for interested physicians, and while not all Medical Toxicologists will be working primarily in this area, understanding the principals of addictive disorders and being current in treatment modalities and integrative approaches for the care of patients with drug or alcohol use disorders is imperative for Medical Toxicologists.
The Addiction Medicine section will focus on creating awareness and understanding of the treatment of addictive disorders as well as on creating opportunities for Medical Toxicologists to network, find mentors who practice in this area as well as develop a respository of information and educational materials for use in educational activities related to addiction medicine.
Section meetings will occur bi annually at the NACCT fall conference and the ACMT Sprince Science symposium and opportunities to interact with other Toxicologists with interest in this area via webinar, teleconference and at other regional and national meetings will also be regularly listed.  Working with other groups involved in Addiction Medicine, in particular ASAM (the American Society of Addiction Medicine), developing practices in the treatment of opioid, alcohol and other drug dependences (i.e. OBOT or Suboxone clinics), learning how to add addiction med services such as counseling and medication treatment (i.e. buprenorphine or 'Suboxone') to your billing and coding as consultant or via outpatient clinics and adding an Addiction Medicine curriculum to your Toxicology rotation curriculum are also focuses of the Addiction Medicine Section.  Please see the forum as well as the newsletter for recent postings and contact the section chair if your interested in becoming involved.

Addiction Medicine Board Resources

Review Courses


Journal Articles 

Tobacco Use Disorder
  • Use of the nicotine metabolite ratio as a genetically informed biomarker of response to nicotine patch or varenicline for smoking cessation: a randomised, double-blind placebo-controlled trial.

Epidemiology of substance use disorders

Special Populations: pregnant and adolescent criminal justice





Psychiatric Co-morbidity


Clearwater Beach, Florida for the 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting featuring Satellite session: Addiction Medicine Academy Sessions:

  • The New Kid on the Block: Incorporating Buprenorphine into a Medical Toxicology Practice
    Timothy J. Wiegand, MD, FACMT,  Director of Toxicology, University of Rochester Medicine, Rochester, NY; Medical Director, Huther Doyle Chemical Dependency Treatment Program, Rochester, NY
  • Special Populations and Addictive Disorders Panel
    Case Discussion Panelists: Daniel L. Sudakin, MD, MPH, FACMT; Timothy J. Wiegand, MD, FACMT; Edwin A. Salsitz, MD, FASAM; JoAn Laes, MD

  • Methadone Maintenance: Putting a Real Face on the Demon
    Edwin A. Salsitz, MD, FASAM

  • Naltrexone: Not Just for Opioids Anymore
    Daniel L. Sudakin, MD, MPH

  • Chronic Pain, Chronic Opioids Addiction: A Complex Nexus
    Edwin A. Salsitz, MD, FASAM

  • Bench to Bedside: From the Science to the Practice of Addiction Medicine
    Petros Levounis, MD, MA

  • Disordered Behavior: The Neurobiology and Underlying Basis of Craving, Relapse and Addiction
    Eliot L. Gardner, PhD

  • CASE STUDIES: Clinical Cases: Drug & Alcohol Dependence & Pain
    Faculty: JoAn Laes, MD; Petros Levounis, MD, MA, FASAM; Edwin A. Salsitz, MD, FASAM; Daniel L. Sudakin, MD, MPH, FACMT; Timothy J. Wiegand, MD, FACMT
  • Addiction Medicine Training and Practice
    Kevin B. Kunz, MD, MPH, Vice-President, American Board of Addiction Medicine, Medical Director, Hawaii Physicians Program, Clinical Instructor, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
  • The Integration of Medical Toxicology and Addiction Medicine: New Era in Patient Care
    Panel: Daniel L. Sudakin, MD, MPH, FACMT; Timothy J. Wiegand, MD, FACMT; JoAn Laes, MD

Journal of Medical Toxicology

  • The March 2016 issue (Vol.12, Issue 1) of the Journal of Medical Toxicology(JMT): The March issue also includes the complete Proceedings from ACMT’s Addiction Medicine Academy, which featured forward-thinking lectures from nationally and internationally recognized addiction researchers and clinicians.