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Outpatient Directory

Michigan Poison Center

Contact Information

550 E. Canfield
354 Lande
Detroit, MI
United States 48201

TEL: 313-486-0078
FAX: 313-577-6917



Hospital/Clinic: Detroit Medical Center
Services Provided: Independent Medical Evaluation; Corporate Consultation; Overdose; Environmental Evaluation; Envenomations; Government Consultation; Adverse Drug Reactions; Drug and Alcohol Abuse; Professional Education
Physicians: C. Aaron MD, M. Hedge MD, L. Baltarowich MD, K. Bora MD, B. Dolcourt MD, S. Smolinske PharmD
Contact Person: Cynthia Aaron MD
Referral Preferred: All outpatient referrals must come from a physician who has seen and evaluated the person. Inpatient referrals should be called to Poison Center