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ACMT International Committee List of Speakers

In order to facilitate communications, educational outreach, and ACMT-sponsored lecture preparation at international forums, a new Speakers List is proposed to promote the sciences and practice of medical toxicology to health care providers globally. 


The American College of Medical Toxicology (ACMT) and its spokespersons are the voice of the specialty of Medical Toxicology in the United States, which is dedicated to the care of the millions of patients affected by poisoning each year. 

The new ACMT International Committee Speaker List will expand opportunities for qualified members to speak at International medical conferences on medical toxicology topics. These speakers and the collaborative opportunities facilitated by this initiative will also help promote the key message that medical toxicologists are trained specialists and experts, and will help create an environment for ACMT to mobilize support for the establishment of medical toxicology globally.


Guidelines/ Criteria for becoming a member of ACMT's International Committee Speakers List:
The request to be included in the list will be evaluated by the ACMT international committee co-chairs and the Board of Directors according to one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Membership to the board of directors of the ACMT
  2. Membership history in ACMT
  3. Fellowship of the ACMT (FACMT) status
  4. Qualifications and past experience as a speaker
  5. Speakers may not solicit speaking fees or honorarium except for reasonable travel expenses


Members in good standing with ACMT who are interested in becoming part of the International Speaker’s List must complete the application form (see below). Additional members will be sought on an annual basis. Existing members will have the option to renew their membership every year and to withdraw at any time during their year of membership.

The application will be reviewed by ACMT Board of Directors and International Committee Co-Chairs, who will forward speaker recommendations to ACMT’s President for approval. Once approved, speakers will be notified via mail and asked to submit a brief bio (no longer than 300 words) an updated resume and a high resolution photograph to be included in a Speakers’ List catalogue. As a member of the International Speakers List, your name, e-mail address, geographic location, area(s) of expertise, resume and bio will be included on the ACMT’s website and related communications.


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