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ToxIC Severity Score


The Poisoning Severity Score (PSS) was developed in Europe in the 1990s.  While a great concept, the Poisoning Severity Score is not used very often.  Instead, many other severity scores have been used in toxicology research often without validation.  This may be due to the PSS being very subjective and somewhat cumbersome to use.  We aim to create the ToxIC Severity Score which could be used in research done with the ToxIC registry as well as other toxicology research.  This project will include multiple phases which would include the selection of variables and development of the score followed by both internal and external validation of the scoring system. 


Your participation in this study is very important.  We do not anticipate that it will take very long to enter a case into the registry. However, we would require that you enter all your cases into the registry in order to avoid collecting a convenience sample of cases, which could impact the development of the score.

Participants that properly enter at least 25 cases into the registry will be considered for authorship.  Each listed author is expected to 1) enter all their cases into the registry, 2) assist in the analysis of the data and development of the scoring system, 3) assist in drafting or revising manuscripts following the development of the scoring system, and 4) give final approval of the version to be published.  If feasible, the authorship will include the statement “on behalf of the ToxIC investigators.”

Principal Investigator Contact Information:

Evan S. Schwarz, MD

Washington University School of Medicine


Kathryn T. Kopec, DO

Duke University Medical Center

Download and review the Severity Score Registry form (PDF version).