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ToxIC Research Investigator Reporting Requirements

Annual Progress Reporting for Approved Research Utilizing ToxIC Data

In order to simplify the tracking, delivery and review of progress reports on all approved protocols, ACMT has moved to standardized due dates for all progress reporting on studies utilizing ToxIC data. Each study will be required to electronically submit a progress report once per calendar year, but not within 6 months of initial date of protocol approval.

Specifically, all projects will receive an email request to provide a progress report by January 15th for those studies initially approved before June 30th of the prior year; and, July 15th for studies initially approved after July 1st of the previous year.  However, after this first progress reports, all projects are set to January 15th deadlines in all subsequent years.


Example #1: Study research protocol accepted February 1, 2015 (>6 month interval January 1st)

Annual Progress Report #1                Due January 15, 2016

Annual Progress Report #2 (onward)  Due January 15, 2017


Example #2: Study research protocol accepted August 1, 2015 (<6 month interval January 1st)

Annual Progress Report #1                Due July 15, 2016

Annual Progress Report #2 (onward)  Due January 15, 2017


Research progress reports are submitted electronically utilizing the web form below specific to the project type. Please click the appropriate study type to submit.

ToxIC Core Registry Upper-Level Data Only: Date Last Form Update 11/10/15

ToxIC Core Registry Enhanced Data Collection (Consortium but EXCLUDES Sub Registries): Date Last Form Update 11/10/15

ToxIC Core Registry Sub-Registry: Date Last Form Update 11/10/15

Please be prepared to enter current contact information (PI and mentor if applicable), ToxIC site relationship, and research status including deliverables (abstracts, presentations, manuscripts). In addition, consortia and sub registry PIs will be expected to provide basic information regarding the relative number of participating ToxIC sites and cases entered, as well as an updated IRB as applicable.

The ACMT Research Review Committee Chairperson and the ToxIC Program Manager will review project progress reports. Principal Investigators will be notified of any questions or deficiencies and given the opportunity to respond.

Timely delivery of progress reports is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator until completion of the research described in the initial approved protocol. Failure to comply with basic progress reporting may result in forfeiture of access to ToxIC Registry data. 

Please contact the ToxIC Program Manager at with any questions.