ACMT Position Statements

 ACMT/AAEM/ACEP Joint Statement in Support of COVID-19 Vaccines
 ACMT/AACT/AAPCC Joint Statement of Caution Regarding the Use of Colchicine for Treatment of COVID-19
 Caring for patients with Opioid Use Disorder During Coronavirus Disease Pandemic
 Maintenance of Certification in Coronavirus Pandemic
 Medication Administration and Safety During the Response to COVID-19 Pandemic
 Limiting Harms of Vaping and E-cigarette Use
 Off-Label Prescribing during COVID-19 Pandemic
 Prescription Drug Shortages
 Medication Shortages During Coronavirus Disease Pandemic
 Interpretation of Urine for Tetrahydrocannabinol Metabolites
 Recommending Removing The Waiver Requirement For Prescribing Buprenorphine For Opioid Use Disorder
 Addressing Pediatric Cannabis Exposure
 Buprenorphine Administration in the Emergency Department
 Addressing the Rising Cost of Prescription Antidotes
 Alternative or Contingency Countermeasures for Acetylcholinesterase Inhibiting Agents
 The​ ​Role​ ​of​ ​Clinical​ ​Pharmacists​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Emergency​ ​Department
 Sodium Bicarbonate Shortage Recommendations
 Preventing Occupational Fentanyl and Fentanyl Analog Exposure to Emergency Responders
 Safety Data Sheets
 Determining Brain Death in Adults After Drug Overdose
 Duration of Intravenous Acetylcysteine Therapy Following Acetaminophen Overdose
 Safety Issues Regarding Prescription Fentanyl Products
 The Use of Methadone as an Analgesic
 Safety Issues Regarding Prescription Opioids
 ACMT Ethics Statement
 Guidance Document: Management Priorities in Salicylate Toxicity
 Medical Toxicologist Participation in Medication Management and Safety Systems
 Antidote Shortages: Impact and Response
 Pressure Immobilization After North American Crotalinae Snake Envenomation
 The Role of a Medical Toxicologist for Assistance in the Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
 Interpretation of Urine Analysis for Cocaine Metabolites
 Institutions Housing Venomous Animals
 Recognition of Medical Direction and Support of Poison Center Activities
 Interim Guidance for the Use of Lipid Resuscitation Therapy
 American College of Medical Toxicology Code of Ethics for Medical Toxicologists
 Post-Chelator Challenge Urinary Metal Testing
 Dietary Supplements
 IOM Report on Thimerosal and Autism
 Hospital Privileges for Physicians Practicing Medical Toxicology
 Institute of Medicine Report on Damp Indoor Spaces and Health
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