Press Releases > Medical Toxicology Foundation Releases 2013 Annual Report - November 26, 2013

Medical Toxicology Foundation Releases 2013 Annual Report - November 26, 2013

posted on 5:34 AM, June 26, 2014
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The American College of Medical Toxicology announces the release of the Medical Toxicology
Foundation 2013 Annual Report. The report highlights the foundation’s efforts to promote the
impact and value of medical toxicology in the provision of safe, high-quality care.
Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) November 26, 2013 -- The Medical Toxicology Foundation (MTF) has released its
2013 annual report, which summarizes the numerous awards available from and provided by the foundation in
order to promote the impact and value of medical toxicologyin the provision of safe, high quality care.
Highlighted this year is a greater emphasis on prescription drug abuse prevention. The reportdetails nearly
$60,000 provided in awards in recent years to fund research and educational activities within the specialty of
medical toxicology. The MTF is a non-profit charitable organization affiliated with the American College of
Medical Toxicology (ACMT). As part of its commitment to sustaining and improving the practice of medical
toxicology, the foundation funds medical toxicology education and research programs that are vital to the care
of patients suffering from the adverse effects of drug, chemical and natural toxin exposures.
The report also describes awards currently available for the promotion of research and career development in
medical toxicology. The newest MTF initiative, The Fund to Support Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention in
Memory of Ryan Donovan, supports outstanding research and educational initiatives that have the greatest
potential to reduce the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs, particularly among young people. A major goal
is to support the development or analysis of innovative prevention, treatment, and harm reduction strategies.
This award was endowed by Ward Donovan, M.D., a medical toxicologist who has dedicated his career to
toxicology research and education as well as the treatment of poisoned patients. Dr. Donovan is also a past
President of the ACMT.
Additional awards are available to fund innovative research and teaching projects, as well as travel for
emergency medicine residents and medical students to attend scientific toxicology meetings. Michael Levine,
M.D. is a former recipient of the MTF Michael P. Spadafora Travel Award, which allowed him to attend a
medical toxicology scientific meetingduring his emergency medicine residency. He states, “There are not a lot
of opportunities out there for funding in toxicology. The Medical Toxicology Foundation is certainly one
important source of this kind of funding that can provide money for research, foster interest in the field and
provide scholarships.”
ACMT is a professional, nonprofit association of physicians with recognized expertise in medical toxicology.
The College is dedicated to advancing the science and practice of medical toxicology through a variety of