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2018 ASM Award and Scholarship Recipients

Ellenhorn Award: Lewis Nelson, MD, FACMT

ACMT Recognition Awards

ACMT Award for Significant Contributions to Research in the Field of Medical Toxicology: Kennon Heard, MD, FACMT                                           

ACMT Outstanding Service to the College Award: Steven Aks, DO, FACMT

Education Committee Service Award (New): Christina Hantsch Bardsley, MD, FACEP, FACMT, FAACT

Best ToxIC Presentation Award from 2017 ASM: Anne-Michelle Ruha, MD, FACMT and Co-Authors

For excellence in presentation of ‘The epidemiologic and clinical characteristics of snakebites in the North American Snakebite Registry’

Best Oral Research Platform Award from 2017 ASM: Brittany Chapman, MD, UMass Medical School

MTF Travel Scholarships    

ACMT Michael P. Spadafora Award: Nathan Kunzler, MD

SAEM Michael P. Spadafora Award: Anita Mudan, MD 

MTF Scholarship for Scholarship for Underrepresented Minority Medical Trainees: Eddie Garcia, MD

2018 ASM Best Original Research Platform Award: David Jang, MD

"The use of mitochondrial-directed therapy to improve respiration in red blood cells with in vitro exposure to cyanide"

MedTox Shark Tank FIT Research Forum scholarship awardees: Evan Bradley, MD, and Ryan Marino, MD

MTF 2018 Medical Toxicology Practice Award: Jeffrey Lai, MD, UMass Medical Center