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AAP Drafted Resolutions Approved by the American Medical Association (AMA)

At the interim meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) in November 2017, PEHSU West principal Dr. Charles McKay spoke to a resolution that was drafted and presented by the AAP representative. This resolution identified environmental exposures in the pre-born and children as a major health concern and one for which there is marked social and economic disparity, as well as confusion and uncertainty in interpretation of studies, and it further directs the AMA to support the mission and funding of the PEHSU program. At the interim meeting, there was further support at the reference committee from the professional societies representing Family Medicine, OB/GYN, and graduate medical education. The two resolutions that were approved are included below:


RESOLVED: "that our AMA supports the mission of and ongoing funding of academically-based regional Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units (PEHSU) by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (ATSDR/CDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); and be it further"


RESOLVED: "that our AMA supports educational and consultative activities of the PEHSU program with local pediatricians, medical toxicologists, obstetricians, and others providing care to pregnant patients; and be it further" 


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