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ACMT Liaison Program with EMRA producing Toxicology Guidebook

The ACMT Liaison program was created as part of our strategic plan to enhance the awareness and recognition of Medical Toxicology as a distinct medical specialty.  Within this program, selected ACMT members involved with other medical societies have been instrumental in encouraging a collaborative relationship to produce mutually beneficial outcomes. 

As the ACMT Liaison to EMRA, Ayrn O’Connor has arranged an agreement to assist with the publication and distribution of a toxicology guidebook for students and residents. This guidebook will serve as a quick bulleted reference used in the initial diagnosis and management of common toxicologic presentations. This joint effort will further enhance ACMT's visibility while facilitating high level patient care for the poisoned patient. ACMT thanks our dedicated members (listed below) who have agreed to volunteer their time and expertise on behalf of ACMT and this worthwhile project.

ACMT editors of ACMT/EMRA Toxicology Guidebook:

Howard Greller

Aaron “Min” Kang

Louise Kao

Kathy Kopec

Ayrn O’Connor

Evan Schwarz

Jerry Snow

Meghan Spyres