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ACMT at 2019 NACCT in Review

Thank you to everyone who attended ACMT’s activities at 2019 NACCT in Nashville, TN. We kicked off the conference on Monday, September 23, with the ACMT Pre-Meeting: Music City Mixology: The High Notes and Low Notes of Booze and Drugs, which featured expert speakers on a wide range of addiction medicine topics, from vaping to alcohols.

On Tuesday, September 24, Jeffrey Suchard hosted the 21st ACMT Clinical Pathophysiology Competition (CPC), ACMT would like to thank Dr. Suchard for organizing another successful competition. Also many thanks to judges: Keith Burkhart, Andrea Carlson, Christina Hantsch, Andrew King, Heather Long, and Dan Sessions.  

On Wednesday, September 25th, the ACMT Practice Symposium featured a panel of speakers from Vanderbilt University to discuss The Role of Personalized Medicine in Medical Toxicology Practice. On Thursday, September 26th, the ACMT Scientific Symposium explored the topic: Tune in to That Cardiac Channel: Details on Calcium and Sodium. The same day Allison Muller moderated the FIT Visiting Professor Lecture on Teaching Toxicology to Other Professionals: The How and Why of Continuing Medical Education. On Friday, September 27th, Jeffrey Brent moderated the ACMT FIT Roundtable on Developing an Inpatient Medical Toxicology Service.

As always, NACCT was filled with a busy schedule of committee meetings, networking, posters, and fantastic plenary sessions. Thank you to the following ACMT volunteers for putting together such an exciting program:

  • Leader Organizer: Christina Hantsch
  • Pre-Meeting: Andrea Carlson, Christina Hantsch,  Andrew King, Dan Sessions
  • Practice Symposium: Christina Hantsch
  • Scientific Symposium: Heather Long and Christina Hantsch
  • FIT Visiting Professor Lecture: Andrew King
  • FIT Roundtable: Jeffrey Brent
  • CPC: Jeff Suchard