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ACMT at the ASAM 53rd Annual Conference

There was a large presence of American College of Medical Toxicology (ACMT) members presenting at the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Annual Conference, which was held in Hollywood, Florida from March 31-April 3rd, 2022. 

ACMT staff and Executive Director Paul Wax, MD staffed an exhibition booth at the conference as well and provided information about affiliate membership, the Addiction Toxicology Case Conference, and ACMT ToxIC surveillance efforts.


Picture of Dr. Wax with Timothy Wiegand, MD, who was awarded the 2022 ASAM Annual Award.

Medical toxicologist, JoAn Laes, MD was awarded Distinguished Fellow status for the American Society of Addiction Medicine (DFASAM) as was Soumya Pandalai, MD.

The Medical Toxicology Interest Group meeting was well attended with Dr. Laes serving as Chair for this ASAM group and Stephanie Weiss, MD, PhD recently appointed co-chair.  

Members presented numerous sessions at the ASAM meeting including focus, panel, and other types of sessions on a variety of topics. The following sessions were among the most highly attended of the conference:

  • Precipitated Withdrawal 2.0 Outpatient Tips and Tricks
  • Naloxone: What you Need to Know
  • Focus on Phenobarbital: Application for Alcohol and Sedative Hypnotic Withdrawal
  • The Good the Bad and the Ugly: Drug Testing in Liver Transplant Evaluations
  • Facts About Fentanyl
  • Toxicology Topics: Drug Levels for Buprenorphine; Efficacy, Diversion, and Compliance
  • The Role of Opioid Metabolic Pathways; Interpreting Urine Drug Testing Results

Presenting and non-presenting participants in the Medical Toxicology focused sessions included:

  • Jeremiah Fairbanks, DO
  • Hiroko Furo, MD, PhD, MA, MS 
  • Rachel Haroz, MD, FACMT (on behalf of Alaina Steck, MD, FASAM)
  • JoAn Laes, MD, FACMT, DFASAM
  • Lewis Nelson, MD, FACMT
  • Soumya Pandalai, MD, FACP, DFASAM
  • Jeanmarie Perrone, MD, FACMT
  • Robert Cole Pueringer, MD
  • Evan Schwarz, MD, FACMT, FASAM
  • Stephanie Weiss, MD, PhD
  • Rachel Wightman, MD, FASAM

Several other Medical Toxicologists attended, including Leslie Dye, MD, FACMT, FASAM, Matt Salzman, MD, and Ross Sullivan, MD, FACMT, FASAM.

Some photos:


ASAM President William F. Haning, III, MD, DLFAPA, DFASAM presents Tim Wiegand with the 2022 ASAM Annual Award at the Big Ideas Award ceremony.


Drs. Evan Schwarz, Lewis Nelson, JoAn Laes, and Cole Pueringer during one of the panel presentations.


Drs. JoAn Laes and Soumya Pandalai awarded DFASAM honor at the 2022 Ruth Fox Award Reception.


Drs. Hiroko Furo and JoAn Laes with ASAM’s Molly Mazuk, Director of Professional Development at ASAM prior to the final presentation, Toxicology Topics: Interpretation of Buprenorphine Metabolites.


Dr. Wax with ACMT members (Drs. Evan Schwarz, Stephanie Weiss, Soumya Pandalai, the Wiegand family (Tim, Bonnie, Eli, Sera and Charlie), and colleagues from Addiction Medicine out for sushi in Hollywood, FL.