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ACMT's 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting In Review

With 365 attendees, the American College of Medical Toxicology’s 2022 Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) on March 11-13 was the second highest attended ASM in the history of ACMT. We had attendees participate from 46 U.S. States and 14 countries, showcasing our continued national reach and international presence. 

The preceding 2022 Virtual ACMT Symposium, “Drug Science Meets Social Science: Substance Use, Pregnancy, and Baby”, on March 10 was ACMT’s largest attended symposium with 279 attendees. Social workers and addiction counselors made up the second largest attending group, after ACMT members -- a welcome and new audience for our educational activities!

While we were unable to meet in-person, ACMT again utilized the virtual platform Cadmium CD to deliver the entire meeting in a single, easy-to-navigate location. The platform enabled the return of many features enjoyed at 2021 ASM including the Poster eGallery with audio and Virtual Chats!

The feedback we have received for both events has been overwhelmingly positive. Responses are still being collected, but we wanted to share some comments we’ve already received:

  • “Best virtual event I have attended yet. Super well done.”
  • “Speakers from all over; virtual platform allowed this. Audience was very engaged with great questions via this format.”
  • “One of the best tox conferences I have attended.”
  • “It was a great format! The best format I have interacted with during a virtual meeting. I was able to look at posters throughout the meeting, and there was no pressure to see the posters only during a short time. Great job in coordinating this overall.”
  • “This was a FANTASTIC symposium. First what a great topic, and very knowledgeable speakers. I’ve gained so much from this topic. I may be biased because this topic passion of mine, and I could listen to this topic every day!”
  • “I liked the wealth of knowledge, amazing to see what other areas are doing, as well as the resources provided!”
  • “All speakers crossed the gap between their own areas of expertise and the needs of a practicing clinician. Excellent!”

We at ACMT would also like to congratulate all of our award recipients and 2022 FACMT Inductees once again. You can read more about our 2022 Ellenhorn Award Recipient, Dr. Steven A. Seifert, here and our new fellows here.

2022 Best Platform Award & 2022 Early Career Investigator Award
A Decade in Review: Trends in Female Authorship in Two Peer-Reviewed Toxicology Journals, Jennifer Love, MD, Research Fellow, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Shark Tank Research Forum Winners
A Single-Blinded, Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Treatments for Acute Dermal Pain from Oleoresin Capsicum Pepper Spray Exposure in Adult Volunteers, Aaron Frey, DO, 2nd Year Fellow, University of Virginia
Content Analysis of Delta-8-THC Products Sold on the Retail Market, Kevin Greene, MD, 1st Year Fellow, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Perceptions of a Mobile Addiction Service: A Qualitative Study, Seth Jones, MD, 1st Year Fellow, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Open Mic Competition Winner
The Bane in the Bazaar, Rennie Burke, MD, Medical Resident, San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

Thank you to all who participated in our second virtual Annual Scientific Meeting. And a special thank you to our two conference committee chairs, Diane Calello and Kurt Kleinschmidt, and their associate chairs, Christopher Meaden and Amy Young. 

We look forward to next year’s meeting which will be in-person in San Diego, March 31-April 2, 2023.

If you have an idea for next year’s meeting, please submit it here by May 20, 2022!