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A Record Number of Abstract Submissions for ASM!

The Research Committee and ASM Planning Committee are very pleased to announce that a record number of abstracts (225) were submitted for the 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting to be held this April in Washington, DC. Of those abstracts submitted, 175 (80% of submissions) scored well-enough during peer-review to be accepted for presentation as platforms, moderated posters (new for 2018), and posters at the meeting. The acceptance rate aligns with prior years. The ratio of research to clinical abstracts is 0.61:0.39 for the meeting. The topics are wide-ranging, timely, and novel.

The total abstract submissions for 2018 represents a 50% increase compared to 2017 and near doubling since original abstracts were first introduced to the ACMT spring meeting in 2013. I believe that the increase in abstracts speaks to college members’ zeal for scientific discourse and growing support for the Annual Scientific Meeting!

As Chair of the Research Committee, I wish to highlight and thank the individuals whose work makes original research and clinical case presentations at the ASM possible. This annual process is a tremendous undertaking that requires hundreds of people-hours; many of which are supplied in a voluntary fashion by members.

  • First, Sam Stellpflug and Shawn Varney served as Chair and Co-Chair of the 2017 submission and review process.
  • Research Committee members provided peer-review: Annie Arens, Vik Bebarta, Katie Boyle, Diane Calello, Stephanie Carreiro, Jon Cole, Kirk Cumpston, Kristin Engebretsen, Yaron Finkelstein, David Jang, Louise Kao, Ken Katz, Kate Katzung, Russ Kerns, JoAn Laes, Eric Lavonas, Michael Levine, Gerry Maloney, Andrew Monte, Mark Mycyk, Travis Olives, Anne Riederer, Sam Stellpflug, Shawn Varney, Richard Wang, Brandon Wills, and Luke Yip.
  • ACMT staffers - Lizzy Nguyen, Tricia Steffey, Adrienne Dunavin, and Paul Wax – and ASM planning committee member Kathy Kopec, diligently worked behind the scene beginning in the summer of 2017 to support the entire review process.

My very sincere THANKS to all these college members and staff.

We look forward to sharing the cutting-edge research and novel clinical information with you in Washington, DC!

Russ Kerns, MD, FACMT

Chair, ACMT Research Committee