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ASM 2017 Awards

Brittany Chapman

Brittany Chapman wins Best Platform Presentation Award at ASM 2017

Brittany Chapman, BSc, received the award for her presentation “A Novel Oral Fluid Assay for the Detection of Fentanyl After Suspected Heroin Overdose.” She is a Clinical Research Assistant, Division of Medical Toxicology, UMass Medical School. You can read all ASM abstracts in the March issue of JMT.
Medical Toxicology Foundation Awards

Dalia Alwasiyah, MD, was awarded a $10,000 MTF-EMF Toxicology Research Award to investigate Urinary Gadolinium Levels: A Possible Indicator of Long-Term Retention after Contrast Enhanced MRIs. Dr. Alwasiyah is a PGY2 Medical Toxicology Fellow, Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC. Her mentor is Michael Beuhler, MD.

David Jang, MD, MSc, was awarded an Innovative Research and Teaching Award of $10,000 to investigate Cell-Permeable Mitochondrial Prodrug (NV-118) on Mitochondrial Function in Human Blood Cells from Patients with Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Dr. Jang is Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Presbyterian Medical Center of Philadelphia University.

Kathryn Kopec, DO, was awarded an Innovative Research and Teaching Award of $9,700 to expand the Global Educational Toxicology Toolkit (GETKIT): A One Day Course for Teaching Poisoning Essentials in Low and Middle Income Countries. Dr. Kopec is in the Department of Medical Toxicology at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC. 


Kathy Kopec
Dalia Alwasiyah
David Jang