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Highlights from JMT's December 2017 Issue

Journal of Medical Toxicology December 2017 Highlights:

  • Epidemiology from Tweets: Estimating Misuse of Prescription Opioids in the USA from Social Media
  • A Novel Oral Fluid Assay (LC-QTOF-MS) for the Detection of Fentanyl and Clandestine Opioids in Oral Fluid After Reported Heroin Overdose
  • Non-health Care Facility Medication Errors Associated with Hormones and Hormone Antagonists in the United States
  • The Epidemiology, Clinical Course, and Management of Snakebites in the North American Snakebite Registry
  • Evaluation of a Food and Drug Administration Mandate to Limit Acetaminophen in Prescription Combination Products
  • Metal-on-Metal Hip Joint Prostheses: a Retrospective Case Series Investigating the Association of Systemic Toxicity with Serum Cobalt and Chromium Concentrations
  • The Pharmacology and Toxicology of Third-Generation Anticonvulsant Drugs
  • Maintaining the Public Trust in Journals with Ethical Publishing

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