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Interested in the Clerkship Council on Medical Toxicology?

Submitted by Ziad Kazzi, MD, FACMT, CCMT Chair

The goals of the Clerkship Council on Medical Toxicology (CCMT) are:

  • to increase the awareness and value of medical toxicology amongst medical students and medical schools.
  • to enhance the educational capabilities of medical toxicology clerkships and their directors by providing a forum for communication, collaboration, and resource sharing among medical toxicology clerkship directors.

Towards these goals, we have developed several taskforces:

  • Medical Toxicology Core Content for Medical Students (co-chaired by Bryan Judge and Ziad Kazzi). Survey responses have been collected from clerkship directors.
  • CSI-Tox (led by Robert Bassett). 2 cases already posted online.
  • Question Bank (led by Jerry Snow). Questions provided by UCSF Medical Toxicology Clerkship are being reviewed.
  • Online medical student and medical student educator resources (Led by Gillian Beauchamp, MD)
  • Organization of the Medical Student and Resident session at ASM 2018. Effort being coordinated with AAEM and Kathy Kopec.

If you are interested in participating in any of these task forces or if you have ideas for new projects, please contact me at Also if you are a clerkship director, remember to use for group communication.