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Medical Toxicology Specialty Code - (C8-PHY) In Effect 

As of 10/1/2017, Medical Toxicology is appropriately recognized as a unique medical specialty by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).  This means that Medicare/Medicaid, private insurers, hospital systems and other organization will be able to identify medical toxicologists as they provide toxicology services distinct from their primary specialty or other services they may bill for (e.g. providing care under Emergency Medicine). 


The specialty code will simplify billing and reimbursement and potentially y reduce denials for these services.  Toxicology care and support will be easier to identify with the presence of a billing code and the impact and quality of care rendered by toxicologists will be able to be identified, separated from other types of service and compared  in terms of quality and outcomes. 



  • Contact your program director and billing/charge support so that they can make sure that the all medical toxicology services are billed under the appropriate specialty code (C8-PHY). 
  • Additional information related to the specialty code can be found on the ACMT website and in past ACMT Newsletter publications.
  • Questions related to use of the new specialty code or related to billing and reimbursement can be directed to: