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NACCT 2018 in Review

Thank you to everyone who attended ACMT’s activities at 2018 NACCT in Chicago, IL. We kicked-off the conference on Thursday, October 25th, with the Pre-Meeting: Performance and Enhancing Agents 360, which featured expert speakers from sports toxicology, sports medicine, military medicine, veterinary medicine, analytical testing, sports law, supplement development, and event planning as we explored what every toxicologist needs to know about doping, drug-testing impact management, the administration of testing at large-scale sporting events, and the influence of high profile use of performance enhancing agents on the general public.


On Friday, October 26th, Jeffrey Suchard hosted the ACMT Clinical Pathophysiology Competition (CPC), which asks competitors to: Formulate an approach to the diagnosis of complex poisoning cases based on limited data; Describe the management of several unique poisonings; Identify potential pitfalls in the diagnostic approach to poisoned patients;  and Formulate an approach to the diagnosis of complex poisoning cases.

On Saturday, October 27th, the ACMT Practice Symposium featured a panel of speakers to discuss God and Man at the Bar: Addiction, Sobriety and Spirituality moderated by Gerald O’Malley. The same day Jeffrey Brent hosted the ACMT FIT Roundtable which discussed The Role of Medico-Legal Consulting in Your Medical Toxicology Career. On Sunday, October 28th Jerry Leikin moderated the ACMT Scientific Symposium on Hypersensitivity Issues in Occupational Exposures, and we concluded the next day on Monday, October 29th with the ACMT FIT Visiting Professor Lecture on Pursuing a Research Career as a Medical Toxicology Young Investigator: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, organized by Navneet Cheema and Patrick Lank.

 As always, NACCT was filled with a busy schedule of committee meetings, networking, posters, and fantastic plenary sessions. Thank you to the following ACMT volunteers for putting together such an exciting program:

  • Leader Organizer: Christina Hantsch
  • Pre-Meeting: Heather Long, Dan Sessions, Jerry Leikin, Christina Hantsch
  • Practice Symposium: Gerald O’Malley
  • Scientific Symposium: Jerry Leikin and Christina Hantsch
  • FIT Visiting Professor Lecture: Patrick Lank, Navneet Cheema
  • FIT Roundtable: Jeffrey Brent
  • CPC: Jeff Suchard
  • Others: Stephen Thornton, David Wood