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PEHSU 2018 in Review

PEHSU National Classroom - New Learning Opportunities

The PEHSU program has released several new courses this year including a 3-part course: Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Consumer Products: Introduction, Identification and Health Effects, and Prevention. The course discusses populations who may be vulnerable to EDC exposure, identification of EDCs in consumer products, potential health effects of exposure, and exposure prevention strategies.

Also this year, the PEHSU program completed development of a two-part course: Firearm Marksmanship and Adolescent Lead Exposure: Prevalence, Case Studies, and Sources and Adverse Health Effects, Surveillance, Control, and Prevention which focuses on potential lead exposure in firing ranges, strategies for preventing exposure, and recommendations for medical surveillance of adolescent marksman exposed to lead. Finally, Effective Risk Communication in Pediatric Environmental Health is available for those who want to learn more about the basic principles of risk communication and creating a message map to effectively communicate risks in the presence of threats to the health of children.

The PEHSU program is also working to produce a 10-part series of mini-courses focused on Reproductive Health. Three of the 10 mini-courses have been released on the subtopics of carbon monoxide, pesticide residues, and methylmercury exposure. The remaining 7 mini-courses will address women’s exposure to lead, cosmetics, plastics, organic solvents, flame retardants, and environmental tobacco smoke. All courses mentioned above are available in the PEHSU National Classroom at no cost and offer Continuing Education credits.

As part of the PEHSU Webinar Series, ACMT has hosted five Grand Rounds and one Journal club within the past year.  Region 8 presented the Journal Club in April discussing radon and the possible effects on families. Grand Rounds topics included endocrine disrupting chemicals and obesity, extreme heat exposure, and the role of early life exposures in late life neurodegenerative disorders. This month’s webinar, entitled Lead poisoning and impact on school readiness - How to overcome the toxic effects was presented by ACMT member, Jennifer Lowry, MD, from PEHSU Region 7. It will be available on the PEHSU National Classroom in late-January. All webinars are available on-demand in the PEHSU National Classroom. Stay tuned for information on upcoming PEHSU events in 2019!