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President Ruha's Update

An update from ACMT President Michelle Ruha:

My term as President of ACMT began at our 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting in San Francisco. It was a fantastic event and I was truly humbled by the generous welcome and encouragement I received from members as the incoming President. Some members asked me what my goals are for the organization. I have several, but my first is to find more ways to better communicate with and reach more members. It is mind-boggling to me how much ACMT has grown over the past ten years and I suspect very few members are familiar with the many different ways that ACMT is working towards our mission of Advancing the toxicologic care of patients and populations; and advocating for the specialty of medical toxicology.

If you are reading the eNews sent to your inbox every month then you may be better informed than others. I plan to use my column to provide important updates and reminders about benefits and opportunities for members, as well as to discuss some of our programs in a little more depth. For those who don’t read the eNews, I am going to ‘pilot’ an ACMT President’s Podcast. This may be a preferred method of communication for some of our members. I’ll try it and see how it goes!

For those who prefer to read their news, here are updates that are provided in the first episode of the ACMT President's Podcast:

  • ACMT held its 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting in San Francisco in April at the Westin St. Francis. For the first time there were 2 satellite courses in addition to the main course. One focused on medical, legal, and public health implications of increased marijuana availability. The second focused on pharmacogenomics and implications for medical management. This is a very exciting developing area in medicine, which fits well within the field of medical toxicology considering our expertise with drug toxicity and interactions. There were over 300 people registered for the main conference this year, with 10 countries represented, and really fantastic speakers. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make the conference a success and to all those who participated. 
  • The Positions and Guidelines Committee has been very active, and just published two Position, Guidelines and Recommendations. The first, ‘Addressing Pediatric Cannabis Exposure’, provides recommendations for packaging and labeling, home storage and use, as well as surveillance strategies to inform future risk reduction strategies and policy. The second, ‘Buprenorphine Administration in the ED’, was endorsed by the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM), and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). ACMT supports use of buprenorphine in the ED as a bridge to long-term addiction treatment and also to treat withdrawal to reduce risk of overdose and death following discharge. ACMT, together with the Journal of Medical Toxicology, will host a tweet chat on this topic on May 28th at 3 pm Eastern time. If you aren’t familiar with Twitter or Tweet Chats, ACMT has a tutorial on the Tweet Chat webpage.
  • There is an exciting collaboration between ACMT’s Toxicology Investigator’s Consortium (ToxIC) and NDEWS – the National Drug Early Warning System. NDEWS monitors emerging drug use trends to facilitate a fast response to potential outbreaks. ToxIC is providing regular briefs about novel and emerging drug cases reported to the ACMT ToxIC Registry to NDEWS. Check out the ToxIC Briefs, Toxicology Case Studies and more information about this program here. ACMT members are welcome to join the NDEWS Network, which is a forum to share and discuss information about emerging drugs. Just go to the NDEWS website and subscribe to NDEWS Network. There is even a ‘medical toxicology’ thread to contribute to. 
Make sure you are getting the most out of
  1. You can find upcoming webinars under ‘online education’. These include the Monthly 3rd Friday Addiction Medicine webinar at 115 Eastern time and National Case Conference is the third Thursday of every month at 1 pm Eastern.
  2. We have a new resource - you can now look for and advertise positions available in medical toxicology
  3. Don’t forget that ACMT has a Forum where all members can post items for discussion with the membership. There are several categories to post in, including a Clinical Forum. The Forum is found under the member section. And remember that you can control the frequency of email notifications you receive from the Forum.
While you are checking out ACMT’s online resources, be sure to look over the ToxIC website. Your password works there too. More on ToxIC in another issue….
Lastly, please save the date for the following conferences:
  • Forensic Conference – December 9-10 at the Wink Hotel in Washington DC. The topic will be Criminal Poisoning and Drug Facilitated Assault: Forensic, Legal and Medical Aspects

Feel free to reach out to me at if you have suggestions for the ACMT Member Update – whether for content or format or anything else.