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President's Perspective

As 2017 winds down, I want to review just a few of the ways that ACMT is actively pursuing advocacy for the profession of Medical Toxicology and our membership. Through the efforts of a number of committees and individuals, as well as input from a number of members through these pesky emails and other announcements (!), we now have:

  • A specialty code with CMS for medical toxicology;
  • Developed a series of quality measure metrics and
  • A proposal to use ToxIC (which itself has undergone a number of significant improvements and changes) as a federally qualified clinical data registry;
  • Expanded our staff to enhance grant activity and the visibility of the Medical Toxicology Foundation;
  • Moved forward with representation at the AMA.

I want to highlight the last point just a bit. At the interim meeting of the AMA last month, I was able to speak to a resolution that we drafted and that was presented by the AAP representative, our partner managing organization in the ATSDR/CDC’s PEHSU (Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units) Program. This resolution identified environmental exposures in the pre-born and children as a major health concern and one for which there is marked social and economic disparity, as well as confusion and uncertainty in interpretation of studies. It further directs the AMA to support the mission and funding of the PEHSU program. At the interim meeting, there was further support from the professional societies representing Family Medicine, OB/GYN, and graduate medical education.

In addition, I was able to speak to issues that arose regarding worker and responder safety in dealing with fentanyl analog exposures, and directed the reference committee to the recent ACMT/AACT position statement.

It is these types of activities and leveraging of larger groups with shared interests that are so important in advocating for Medical Toxicology. It is the major reason we are hoping for full membership on the AMA House of Delegates. However, as I have mentioned before, that requires ACMT members to also become members of the AMA. Right now, we are still about 40 members short and have only about 1 year left to make that up. Please, when you are at ASM this April (if not before), stop by the ACMT booth and sign up – there are group rates available for your division/department or consulting team.

Have a great holiday time with friends and family!

Charles McKay, ACMT President